Faouzi Charfi calls for the creation of an opposition front

The general secretary of the party Al MassFaouzi Charfisaid his party had returned public his positions in relation to various matters. He explained that the lack of visibility was due to the lack of funds. This did not stop Al Mass to criticize and condemn the process initiated by the President of the Republic, Kaïs Said. He believed that the latter had given himself full powers, that the electronic consultation was a farce and that the referendum undermined the foundations of democracy.

Invited on October 7, 2022 by Myriam Belkadhi on the ether Shems FM, Faouzi Charfi described the conditions for candidacy in the early legislative election on 17 December 2022 as virtually unenforceable. He believed that the electoral decree was based on the exclusion and division of Tunisians. He recalled that dual nationals, excluded from elections for constituencies on Tunisian territory, could be Tunisian-Algerians or Tunisian-Moroccans, and that it was not only about French-Tunisians. He also affirmed that public financing of the campaign was one of the foundations of democracy and elections.

The general secretary of Al Mass believed that the next parliament will only act as a facade and will have no influence. He assured that his party would boycott the next election. He rejected plans to present candidates in the submarine. He explained that if the party were to campaign, it would be done openly and publicly. He believed that the opposition political parties, with the exception of the National Salvation Front, should create one National Front aim to preserve the republicMarital statusthe separation between state and religion and the social aspect. This front can include almost all political parties. Charfi felt that the party Destourian Available (PDL) had to acknowledge the existence of the 2011 revolution to integrate this front. This front should not be limited to left-wing parties. It can be done with Afek melodiesSocialist Party, Al watadEel Mass, Attayar, EttakatholEel YomhouriEel Qutb and the Labor Party.

faouzi Charfi believed that the speech that hailed a political party and presented it as the main liberator of Tunisia from the Muslim Brotherhood and the reason for the dissolution of the parliament, especially that by Abir Mossy (president of PDL)was the reason for the split in the opposition. He insisted on the importance of renewing the political scene and moving towards a new political class. He believed that the political parties that condemn the president’s monopolization of powers should ensure a transition of powers at the level of their structures.

The general secretary of Al Mass lamented the deterioration of diplomatic relations between Tunisia and several other countries. He believed that the executive branch failed to integrate the new world as a result of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. He assured that almost twenty ambassadors were not in Tunisia. He also revealed that Tunisia’s ambassador to Unesco, Ghazi Gherairiresponsible for coordinating with the countries belonging to the World Organization of La Francophonie are not in their offices.

faouzi Charfi believed that the election decree encouraged the use of questionable funding. He believed that women and youth would be excluded from the general election due to lack of funds and resources. The role of women at the political level will suffer a major decline due to the creation of the single-man ballot. This will establish a male majority. The ruler of Al Mass also criticized the new electoral boundaries. He lamented the one-sided decision-making and the absence of dialogue. He recalled that his party had boycotted the fake dialogue that was being held Dar Dhiafa.

faouzi Charfi argued that the country’s policies were deepening divisions among Tunisians. He believed that this highlighted violent behavior in society. He also mentioned the crises affecting the Tunisian General Labor Union, the Tunisian Union of Agriculture and Fisheries and the National Union of Tunisian Women. He assured that the Tunisian Association of Industry, Commerce and Crafts also experienced a major crisis, but did not speak about it because of the pressure it is under.


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