Dinard: hidden behind a car, he violently attacks his ex-wife

A man in his 50s was prosecuted at the Saint-Malo court for assaulting his ex-wife in Dinard last summer. But also for sexual assaults that took place a few months earlier. ©Illustration Adobe Stock

Night from 12 to 13 August 2022 in Dinard (Ille-et-Vilaine). Witnesses see a man hiding behind a car. He pulls out suddenly and shouts violently at a man and a woman walking quietly down the street.

She is his ex-wife. They have been separated for three months. The man accompanying her is her childhood best friend.

“He was in a daze”

The tone rises quickly, violently, for a dark car story. Insults rain down. But words are no longer enough. He takes her by the arm, swings his phone and throws her to the ground. He beats her too. Once, twice, maybe three, a witness reports.

He was in a trance. I tried to intervene but he tried to hit me.

The childhood best friend also tries to intervene, but the aggressor is “out of it”.

1 minute 16 with violence

The argument continues in the garden, this time in front of a neighbour’s camera. “A film of one minute 16 of violence”, accurately describes the judge at the criminal court in Saint-Malo, where the man will be sentenced on Friday, October 7, 2022.

“I won’t let you go”, he shouts at his ex-wife, before slapping her six times on the back and hitting her violently on the right cheek. Sitting on a step is his ex-wife in tears, in a “state of panic”.

Law enforcement comes to the rescue. The arrest is eventful. A young policewoman, now defended by Me Stichelbaut, will be wounded in the wrist and arrested for five days.

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9 days off

“It’s all very violent,” the judge shouts at him three months later, in front of his children, who are sitting with his ex-wife. Multiple hematomas, contusion and edema on arms and legs. But also state of shock, stress. And 9 days of downtime. The medical assessment of the one he shared his life with for thirty years was heavy the day after the attack.

“I was jealous”

I had never been violent with her before. I suffered during his departure. I heard things about her. I often believed she was cheating. But it’s true, I never had proof. i was jealous…

The accused

Narcissistic damage

The defendant had sunk into a depression two years earlier. “He is an intelligent man, without pathology”, reports the psychiatric and psychological expertise. “But he felt belittled and humiliated by the arrival in his company of a new superior who was younger than him.”

This “narcissistic injury” ended up costing him his international leadership position, following a burnout and dismissal for incompetence. Drugs and alcohol didn’t always mix well. The couple did not survive this ordeal. Later, the depressed husband will even try to end his life.

He tried to have sex without consent

And then there are also these episodes of sexual assault mentioned in court. On two occasions he is said to have forcibly (which he denies) attempted to have sexual intercourse without the consent of his wife. Especially since they were already separated but continued to live together, under the same roof, in Saint-Briac.

She no longer recognizes the person she lived with. She experienced hell of physical and mental abuse with him. She does not require a severe sanction for her. She just wants him to take care of himself and let her live peacefully, in peace.

Me Marina Guilloux, the victim’s lawyer

“He began to mourn his relationship”

Her ex-husband was jailed for a few days this summer before she was released, under judicial supervision and the restriction of an anti-reconciliation bracelet. This detention had the effect “of an electric shock”, he says today. “After losing his footing, he began to mourn his relationship. He is actively looking for a job, no longer drinks a drop of alcohol and respects his obligations set by judicial review,” reports his lawyer Me Daphné Lesimple.

“Given the development of the defendant, I will not ask for a fixed but flexible sentence (under the restriction of an anti-reconciliation bracelet”), demanded by the deputy prosecutor Adrien Nantel.

Anti-Atonement Bracelet

The court sentenced the defendant to 24 months in prison with a conditional suspension of two years. Wearing an anti-reconciliation bracelet is imposed on him. As well as the duty to treat his mental problems and his alcohol problems. The duty also to work and compensate the victim. And the ban on contacting the victim and approaching his home. His name will also be registered in Fijais (automated trial of perpetrators of sexual or violent offences).

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