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Remember “Cobra”, an incredible Japanese anime that made a generation of children dream… Have you ever seen the end of the hero’s adventure and his final battle against Salamandar?

“Coming out of nowhere, it’s Cobra / Faster than the snake, it’s Cobra !” Cobra is a Japanese space opera anime created by Akio Sugino and Osamu Dezaki based on the manga by Buichi Terasawa and released between 1982 and 1983 in Japan. In France, Canal+ broadcast it exclusively from 1985.

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Cobra is a space adventurer whose left arm conceals the Delta Ray, a fearsome weapon. With his android Armanoid, he travels the galaxy trying to escape the space pirates, commanded by the dreaded Salamander.

The last episode is called “See you soon Cobra” and it is the 31st in the series. In previous episodes, Salamandar was killed by a laser beam shot to the forehead (episode 30), and Dominique, Galactic Police agent and companion to Cobra, was abducted by Salamandar in episode 27.

The final episode opens with Cargou on his frozen planet being killed by Salamander, just like Palmas in a bar in the galaxy. Unaware of all this, Cobra is on a train preparing to go to a party. Then he meets Dominique, who doesn’t recognize him. She is escorted by guards who call her “Murielle Laramba”, who turns out to be the high priestess of the sect known as the “Sect of Rada”. The resemblance between Murielle and Dominique is striking.

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Dominique or… Murielle?!

Also present on the train, Canos is in turn killed by Salamandar and has time to warn Cobra, who cannot believe that the leader of the Rum Pirates is still alive. To find out for sure, the adventurer decides to go to the planet Vonatus, inhabited by Salamandar and the sect of Rada (including Murielle and the sect’s high priest, Lossad).

The latter is on the eve of a major event, the launch of a statue of the goddess Rada (symbol of freedom and peace) in a rocket to place it in orbit. While talking to Murielle, Cobra points out that, like Dominique, she has a butterfly tattoo on her back, and to him, Murielle is Dominique. But their meeting is interrupted by the attack of members of the Rada sect bearing the mark of Salamandar!

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One of Rada’s statues

They are quickly defeated, but another problem arises: the launch of the rocket is performed by the high priest Lossad, because the interstellar police arrive and he is actually part of the Space Pirates.

Lossad then explains his plan: all Rada statues across the galaxy actually contain a laser cannon of great power, and each threatened planet will have to pledge allegiance to Salamandar. He adds that the real Murielle died suddenly, abducting Dominique, “brainwashing” her and transferring Murielle’s thoughts into her mind.

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Lossad, Murielle and Cobra

The rockets are launched into the galaxy and in his paranoia Salamandar orders the destruction of the launch pad (and with it Lossad and his henchmen) so that he alone can command the statues. In the confusion created by the station’s collapse, Cobra and Dominique escape and encounter Salamandar’s throne room, which is about to unleash the launch of its captured statues across the galaxy.

A battle begins between Cobra and his lifelong adversary, but the adventurer’s Delta beam shot fails to stop Salamandar, causing him to disappear for a few precious seconds, allowing Cobra to reach the rockets’ command post and reprogram the launches.

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When Salamander reappears, he starts his operation, but the statues shoot each other and his plan has been stopped. Cobra then fires at the wall behind the hall’s throne, which bears his opponent’s mark. He then notices that behind was a human, now dead.

Salamander was a disembodied evil spirit created by this human who manipulated him remotely like a puppet. During the fight, Dominique, who received several shocks, miraculously regained her memory.

Aboard his ship, the Psychoroid, Cobra and his android ally Armanoid (repaired since the events of episode 27) once again embark on new adventures… This is the end of the series.

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