A first “Health Metaverse” university diploma in 2023

The first French-speaking international university degree on the application of the metaverse in health will open in March 2023 at the Université Paris Cité.

The metaverse is described as the future of the Internet: it is a set of virtual worlds where we will soon be able to shape avatars and interact socially and professionally. It is in a context of acceleration of the digital revolution in the world of health that the Université Paris Cité (Faculty of Health, UFR of Medicine), in collaboration with the Center for Connected Health Responsibility (Bichat Hospital, AP-HP ), is opening a diploma course for all in 2023 those interested in or participating in digital innovations in health.

This teaching, led by Pr. Boris HANSEL and Pr. Patrick NATAF, is intended to be interactive, practical and interdisciplinary. Its aim is to bring together professionals or students from different backgrounds to move them towards the creation or development of health projects using current digital tools.

Challenges of futuristic medicine: between mixed reality, digital twins, metaverse

Academic and Industrial Teachers and Entrepreneurs of the “Health Metaverse” YOU will need to answer several key questions to clearly define the role of new technologies in the health sector.

Will the metaverse disrupt the way medicine is practiced and taught? Will virtual, augmented or mixed reality headsets be used for distance learning and medical expertise? Will we be able to design digital twins that reproduce a patient or an organ?

Finally, what will be the ethical, legal, psychological and security implications of this new environment?

A unique university degree in the French-speaking world

Faced with the digital revolution that we are going through, it is more than necessary to train professionals in new technologies by facilitating interdisciplinary exchanges, especially for relatives, administrators, engineers, startups and lawyers. “, insists Professor Boris Hansel.

Technological barriers will be removed quickly, but perhaps too quickly if we do not learn to use new technologies and master the issues, especially ethical, security, economic and psychological issues. “, continues Professor Patrick Nataf.

A modern organization of university education

The education, mainly external, is open internationally to encourage meetings from different backgrounds and the emergence of projects of all scales.

New educational tools, especially e-networks and e-speed meetings, promote interaction, exchanges and interprofessional meetings by optimizing teaching time.

In addition, students are put in touch with supervisors chosen by the teaching committee in a personal way to guide them in their projects developed during the university diploma.

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