With Volt, you can rent electric or hybrid cars delivered to your doorstep

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More economical, more ecological and more practical. This is the spirit of Volt, the Lille car rental company that offers electric and hybrid Titines, delivered wherever you want in Lille and its surroundings…And that’s not the only advantage. We will explain everything to you.

Making a Lille-Godewaersvelde is complicated other than by car. Or you must want to cycle the 40 km. But at the same time, it’s also not super profitable to buy a Titine for a few trips a year #forsikring #gas #kontrolteknik #unlycker #hashtag.

Electrical > Thermal

That’s what car rental is for. And it is now possible to rent electric and hybrid cars rather than thermal cars, which consume much less CO2 during their lifetime* and who comes back cheaper to rent. Especially at Volt, the company created by a small resident named Jules Warembourg.

By 2024, all Jules’ cars will be electric and hybrid.

Before starting his own business, the soon-to-be thirty-year-old worked for five years at another car rental company. “I liked the domain, but I wanted to offer a different type of customer service than what you normally do“, says the manager who launched the Volt in May 2021. Starts by betting on electric and hybrid. “At the moment we have 16 cars (8 hybrids, 5 electric and 3 thermal), but the goal is to reach 25 cars in 2023 and that in 2024 we no longer offer any thermal cars“, predicts Jules.

Car delivered where you want

But this is not the only specificity of the Volt. “One of the disadvantages of most rental services is having to pick up the car from a specific location, and sometimes it’s not next door.“, states the Lille resident. Here the problem is solved: Titine is delivered to your home, to your friend/spouse/baker/parent, in short, wherever you want. Primarily to Lille, La Madeleine, Saint-André-lez-Lille, at Lesquin airportand from case to case in other municipalities around Lille.

We can book up to two hours before and everything happens online: the order, the signature of the contract, the invoice, the pictures of the car for the inventoryJules says. It avoids queuing at the counter.

After delivery of the vehicle, the delivery person returns with the electric scooter.

And if you’re wondering how the delivery man manages to return to his starting point without his car: “There is an electric scooter in the trunk that we use to get inside“, he continues.

Free electric charging

Usually before returning the box there is always a forced passage to the petrol pump to refuel. Non-existent limitation with the 100% electric car, since there is no fuel (this is the principle) and it Jules takes care of charging his vehicles himself. And if you need to do it yourself because you are on long trips, a charging cable is included. It can be connected to a standard 220W socket, Jules says. Or recharge the car at a terminal. In both cases, it is much cheaper than refueling.

No need to recharge your vehicle before returning it, Jules takes care of it.

Only the hybrid requires refueling after use, but that’s only if you drive more than 50 km. Before then, the car will run on battery full electric, you don’t need to do anything. “Therefore, we recommend the hybrid for short and medium trips and the electric for long ones., because the latter has between 320 and 350 km electric range“, advises Jules.

Rental package

the price page, it all depends on which vehicle you want to take (Ford Puma, Peugeot 308, Golf, Audi A3,…), when and for how long. “The majority of our rentals are between June and September, so prices inevitably rise at that time.“, explains the entrepreneur. But roughly speaking, for one day, the rental will cost you between €25 and €60. This price therefore includes:

  • 200 km travel for one day (or more if you increase your package)
  • delivery and collection of vehicles
  • all-risk insurance, with a deductible of €900
  • vehicle charging cable
With hybrid Titines, it is possible to switch from petrol to electricity with a single click.

And if you want to book a car for more than one day, 100 km extra per day is added to your rental package (ie 300 km on the second day, 400 km on the third day, etc.) and the daily rate is reduced. “For a rental of two weeks for example, we can arrive at €19 per day instead of €25“, concludes Jules.

Supplement for young driver

Note to baby drivers: Like three-quarters (if not all) of car rental companies, you need at least two years’ license to rent a box. And if you have had your driving license for 3 to 5 years, expect an additional €15 per day on top of the basic prices.

If you want more info and/or rent a car, go to the website, Facebook or Instagram.

*To provide you with this info, we have relied on a video from the newspaper Le Monde entitled “Is the electric car really more ecological?” which we highly recommend.

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