Why and for what purposes

The sectors of metal construction, sheet metal working, welding and related techniques, pressure vessels, electricity, electronics, renewable energy, mechatronics, additive manufacturing, subcontracting of equipment and supplies, machine tools, etc., on the investor side, principals, subcontractors, co-partners, professionals and support structures, that is, all those related to technological manufacturing are preparing to experience a great event, ..: Fabtech Africa Expo 2022.

Fabtech Africa Expo 2022 will be held from 25 to 28 October 2022 at the Kram Exhibition Center under the patronage of Mrs. Neila Nouira Gongi, Minister of Industry, Mines and Energy, MIME.

PHENIX CONCEPT EXPO, the organizing company of Fabtech Africa Expo 2022, is a company specialized in the creation, organization, animation and capitalization of large event markets

Promote exchanges, orders and partnership at any cost

The aim and strategic expectations of the show are to bring together all these stakeholders in its multifaceted spaces and events.

Indeed, Fabtech Africa Expo 2022 has planned to multiply the various opportunities to promote exchanges, orders and partnerships at any cost within the framework of “the new industry and innovation strategy, Horizon 2035”, initiated and implemented by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy, MIME , echo and in relation to the new paradigm of industry in Tunisia and in the world, expressed in this new industrial strategy, including the introduction of industry 4.0, technological manufacturing…

Thus, FABTECH AFRICA EXPO 2022 has planned 4 events in one show to precisely introduce and popularize this new form of smart industry and to convert all participants to it. FABTECH AFRICA EXPO 2022, in addition to the planned exhibition with the offer of stands to the participants, has planned to hold targeted meetings between the various participants in B to B and B to C form, a symposium and finally ceremonies celebrating the construction of companies in certain strategic areas and glorify the pioneers, industrial builders of Tunisia.

The exhibition space provides stands reserved for companies and industrial promoters, institutions and various support and support structures and all stakeholders.

Places for B to B and B to C meetings are made available after registration, which must be done by the various interested parties by filling in a form intended for this purpose and posted on the event’s website.

The symposium, scheduled for October 26 and 27, 2022, offers conferences and workshops led by recognized national and international experts to discuss the issues of improving and improving the efficiency of production capacity in technological production units. Both nationally and regionally, even internationally, all within the framework of “the new industrial and innovation strategy, Horizon 2035” and smart industry.

Two types of ceremonies are planned: a ceremony celebrating the achievements of companies in certain key sectors, scheduled for 26 October 20222 and a commemoration and recognition ceremony for the pioneers, builders of Tunisian industry, on 27 October 2022.

The company’s achievement ceremony concerns the best company (i) in industrial maintenance in its various components and (ii) in additive manufacturing.

The second ceremony is planned to highlight and commemorate the strategic progress made by certain pioneers and captains. of the country’s industry. Some are celebrated posthumously. Others are glorified and highlighted during their lifetime to be able to draw on the experiences of all of them and try to draw on good practices that can encourage other industry professionals to take inspiration from them.

The Tunisian-African partnership in focus

The main objective of FABTECH AFRICA EXPO 2022 is, in the medium and long term, to promote the development of high-performance Tunisian-Tunisian and Tunisian-African industrial ecosystems, possibly through a triangular strategy, including the European area. Therefore, the idea of ​​organizing such events in the future in certain other African countries was retained.

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