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The second season of “Who Wants to Be My Partner?” “, program that allows entrepreneurs to raise money on television, begins on Wednesday, January 5. This new season is “whatever it costs” according to Jonathan Curiel, deputy general manager of programs for the M6 ​​group: in total, 5 million euros have been invested by the seven business angels, i.e. one million more than during the first season.

Four new faces in the jury: Anthony Bourbon (Feed), Sophie Mechaly (Paul & Joe), Jean Pierre Nadir (Fairmoove.fr) and Isabelle Weill (IW Corp.). We sat down with the show’s seven judges and asked them what turns them on and what turns them off when it comes to investing.

Delphine André (Charles André Group) relies on team spirit

Chairman of Charles Second group, a logistics and industrial transport company, Delphine André is back for a second season. In 2002, she took the leadership of the group that her grandfather had created. Delphine André is also the owner of several prestigious establishments, including the Hotel Les Barmes de l’Ours in Val d’Isère. In the series’ first season, the entrepreneur invested in the recyclable packaging startup Embal’vert or Constant&Zoé, a clothing brand for people with disabilities.

What makes him want to invest : “An organized person who shows that she is invested in her business. I pay particular attention to Made in France. »

What annoys him : “When the entrepreneur is too scattered or dreamy, and the project lacks coherence and realism. »

Anthony Bourbon (Feed) bets on the original courses

Anthony Bourbon is the originator of Feed, a foodtech start-up founded in 2016, which has become known for its complete meals in powder or bar form. At the age of 33, the young business angel has invested in more than 45 start-ups, including the natural cosmetics brand Respire and fintech Bling.

What makes him want to invest : “When I can bring something other than money and there is an original story that allows for rapid growth”.

What annoys him “We are not here to do charity or to be nice. If the entrepreneur is not able to project himself in 10 years, it does not interest me. »

Anthony Bourbon is a regular fundraiser. The young business angel has a wide range of start-ups in his portfolio, ranging from cosmetics to NFTs and snacking.

Eric Larchevêque (Ledger) is primarily interested in rigor

In 2011, Eric Larchevêque co-founded Ledger, a French unicorn specializing in cryptocurrency security, valued at over $1.5 billion. This trained engineer has invested in 16 companies, including 7 in the first season of “Who Will Be My Partner?” “. He has a portfolio of very varied companies, ranging from natural fertilizers The beautiful Møg prospecting software Pharow.

What makes him want to invest : “An entrepreneur who knows how to stop talking when necessary and has a strong ability to listen. »

What annoys him : “When the project goes over everything. I also have a lot of problems with entrepreneurs who come up with crazy valuations. »

Sophie Méchaly (Paul&Joe) prefers the artistic touch

The founder of the Paul&Joe ready-to-wear brand before she turned 30, Sophie Méchaly is an example of French entrepreneurial success. She is an artist at heart and has made Made in France one of her entrepreneurial roses.

What makes him want to invest : “A project with a unique creative aspect”.

What annoys him “If it’s not in my field, I don’t go there”.

The founder of the Paul&Joe ready-to-wear brand in 1995, Sophie Méchaly is an example of French entrepreneurial success.

Jean-Pierre Nadir (Fairmoove.fr) bets on impact projects

Building on his success with the EasyVoyages online portal, Jean-Pierre Nadir began a new entrepreneurial adventure in 2021 with Fairmoove, a platform promoting responsible travel. The investor has participated in around twenty start-ups, often in tourism and greentech.

What makes him want to invest : “Empathetic people, nice people: they have a card to play with me”.

What annoys him “If the market is crowded and I don’t see who is going to buy the product, I pass by”.

Marc Simoncini (Angell) identifies the qualities of the entrepreneur

Marc Simoncini began his entrepreneurial career in website hosting in the late 1990s. He founded Meetic in 2001, the famous dating site, which he sold ten years later to the American giant Match.com. Marc Simoncini started a career as a business angel through Jaïna Capital and Daphni funds and multiplied investments in start-ups. In 2017, he founded Angell, a brand of high-end e-bikes.

What makes him want to invest “If the entrepreneur behind the project is good in his field”.

What annoys him : “People who want to become entrepreneurs for the wrong reasons and think they can get easy money”.

Isabelle Weill (IW Corp) is looking for creators who are committed

Director of IWCorp, she develops numerous projects in real estate, technology, cosmetics and health. President of the RMC/BFM Association since 2008, Isabelle Weill leads several charitable initiatives such as the Red Défilé to raise public awareness of cardiovascular disease.

What makes him want to invest : “A social entrepreneurship project, presented in a clear way”.

What annoys him “If I don’t understand the business, I don’t go”.

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