there is nothing good either in us or in our government!

The General Secretary of the General Federation of Secondary Education under the UGTT, Lassâad Yaâcoubi confirmed that the number of medical certificates presented by the teachers, contrary to the claim of the Minister of Education Fethi Sellaouti, was negligible. . “ This is a strategy adopted by all ministers. He presented the figure of 4,000 certificates. The average citizen, when he discovers this number, thinks that no one works in schools. Why does he not clarify that it is about 4,000 certificates for 165,000 teachers? The Minister of Education is dramatizing things… These certificates as well as long-term leave are subject to checks and return visits “, he added.

Invited on September 15, 2022 by Hatem Ben Amara on the airwaves of Jawhara FM radio, Lassâad Yaâcoubi claimed that Fethi Sellaouti sought to be above the law, to undermine the rights of teachers and to break the law regulating the public function. He also criticized the minister’s stance on private education. “ The minister comes to every new school year to talk to us about a miracle solution. The private lessons are parallel to the teaching. The Ministry of Education has approved this kind of practice by granting authorization to institutions specializing in private tuition… The Ministry has become a regulatory authority. The minister seeks to direct private education towards secondary schools… This solution does not come from him… We tried it in Néji Jalloul’s time… They have set specifications to guarantee additional income… The financial issue pushes the minister to support private lessons , to praise them and to regard them as part of the education “, he declared.

Lassâad Yaâcoubi called on the Minister of Education to prove his benevolence by banning private lessons. He explained that these had become a burden on the students’ parents. ” Putting an end to this practice requires real reforms of the education system… If the private lessons bother the minister so much that he bans them! I challenge him to do it! he exclaimed.

With regard to wage increases, the trade unionist stated that the administrative body had accepted the government’s proposal and had left the UGTT’s management to initiate negotiations on other demands. He stated that the government had proposed a 5% salary increase. This was adjusted down to 3.5% at the end of the negotiations between the government and the executive board. He recalled that the main purpose of these increases was to upgrade purchasing power. He believed that the increases should correspond to inflation. This corresponds to 8.2%. He concluded that the gap between increases and inflation showed the ineffectiveness of this measure. ” Instead of deciding on a 3.5% increase, the UGTT should have reached an agreement that commits the government to stop the inflationary trend… We have taken the wrong approach… This increase will not solve the social crisis. .. There is no goodness either in us or in our government! The government does not seek to stop the price increases or to guarantee the availability of basic products, nor to fight corruption or to establish tax justice! The situation for workers is only getting worse! “, he lamented.

Lassâad Yaâcoubi mentioned the lack and absence of price controls. He believed that the government failed to preserve the national and food security of Tunisians. He recalled that he supported the decisions of the President of the Republic, Kaïs Saïed, and of the process that started since July 25, 2021, but that this should not lead to hunger and the dissolution of the purchasing power of Tunisians. ” The head of government and the minister of education went to a new establishment today in a desperate attempt to present the Tunisians with a good picture of the situation! Why didn’t he take the head of government to Bou Hajla to show her the pile of stones in the school, which is still closed! he exclaimed.

Lassâad Yaâcoubi explained that the Tunisian constitution gives teachers the right to campaign to improve their living conditions. He believed that the department had a duty to negotiate with the union. He confirmed that it was not about an arm wrestle with Fethi Sellaouti, but about a legitimate fight to improve the teachers’ financial situation. He rejected the possibility of holding a strike. He saw the government as exploiting substitute teachers and taking advantage of their financial situation. He recalled that the latter received salaries that did not exceed 400 dinars and that the government had no plans to recruit them. ” We started the school year with a shortfall of 5,000 positions at secondary education level he exclaimed.


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