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Today, Tesla is best known for its technological innovations. In terms of autonomous electric vehicles, the brand is positioned as a giant in its sector, even if they compete with other brands. Today valued at more than 1000 billion dollars on the stock market, a look back at the surprising history of Tesla, formerly Tesla Motors.

The timid beginnings of the Tesla brand

Tesla was established in July 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. Contrary to what one might have thought, Elon Musk is not the creator of the brand. Its name pays homage Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-born American inventor and engineer. He is particularly known for his major role in the development and adoption of alternating current. Tesla was originally called ” Tesla Motors and intended to be much more than just a car manufacturer : the company aimed to become a technology company with battery, software and engine as a base. The goal is to build an electric sports car. As the most important innovative idea, Eberhard thought of using lithium-ion batteries and an induction motor.

To achieve this goal, funds are needed. Seven months after founding the company, Telsa Motors successfully raised $7.5 million of which 6.5 million was donated by the famous Elon Musk. It doesn’t take long to get into the company and become chairman of its board. Seduced by Eberhard’s idea, Musk will end up investing in everything $55 million in Tesla.

To be able to build their models, they call in a subcontractor: Lotus, which provides the base of the Élise chassis with a carbon fiber body. The company unveils its first model on July 19, 2006, the Tesla Roadster, after several other collections. But in January 2008, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning left the company, handing over the reins first to Michael Marks, who became interim CEO, then to Ze’ev Drori. Elon Musk finally, after his numerous investments, becomes the president of Tesla in October 2008.

Elon Musk and Tesla: a true love story

When Elon Musk took the lead at Tesla, the successes will be linked together the automotive sector. The Tesla Roadster was launched in 2008: a fully electric vehicle that can travel 394 kilometers on a single charge. The car is sold at a price of about $120,000, a price quite high for the general public, making it a brand that is quite popular among wealthy personalities. It is the first 100% electric sports car. In January 2009, Tesla already recorded a turnover of 187 million dollars.

In May 2010, Tesla purchased a former General Motors and Toyota factory in Frémont, California for $42 million. The factory, known Tesla factoryis dedicated to the production of Tesla’s first sedan, the Model S, designed for both speed and range. This factory becomes the company’s main factory, which today manufactures other car models.

Tesla went public in June 2010. The company floated 13.3 million shares at an initial price of $17.

The company’s meteoric rise

Elon Musk has many contacts, It’s not a secret. He convinces his friends in Silicon Valley invest in your brand and buy a model. The brand does not initially make a profit, but it already symbolizes prestige, luxury, technology and respect for the environment, which attracts buyers and investors.

In 2014, approximately 40,000 vehicles are already sold per year, 3,000 employees and the company produces 22,000 vehicles per year. The company begins production of the Model X which will be delayed in 2013 due to certain financial difficulties. The first deliveries will take place in September 2015 and will arrive in France a year later.

Heading Assist, Collision Avoidance Assist, Autopilot and Fully Autonomous Driving: Tesla multiplies innovations and is becoming more and more popular. The company adopts an open source innovation strategy and opens all its patents to competition. The goal is to develop an infrastructure faster that allows mass adoption of electric vehicles.

In early 2019, 150 $100,000 models were sold. The company employed 48,016 people and produced 500,000 electric cars. Today, in 2022, during the annual presentation of its accounts, the brand expressed its desire to leave its five major factories (located in Nevada, New York, Austin, Shanghai and Berlin) 1.5 million vehicles, that is, 60% more than in 2021. Its revenue has grown significantly over the past year: an increase of 87% in one year for a quarterly revenue that reached 18.86 billion euros.dollars.

Tesla, a brand that attracts more and more companies

With 4,761 vehicles sold to companies in France, Tesla cars represent 22% of the 21,655 electric models purchased by companies as company cars from January to September 2021. The Model 3 is particularly attractive to professionals, with 4,522 copies sold, representing 95% of all vehicles sold by Tesla. This represents a 95.6% increase over 2020 for the brand.

Future innovations?

Like many entrepreneurs, Elon Musk wants to go always further in innovation. In addition to wanting to create an electric pickup truck and autonomous taxis, Tesla is working on five innovations to be patented in the coming years:

  • Laser beam wipers with a projector located under the hood
  • A steering wheel with touchpads to increase and decrease speed, activate the climate control and control the music
  • An age detection system for vehicle occupants to adjust airbag deployment
  • A system for registering the misuse of seat belts
  • A range indicator based on driving style

These innovations are very avant-garde, we await the day of their patenting to believe our eyes.

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