Place du Temple Neuf becomes permanently pedestrianized

The subject of mobility, and even more so the question of the car, is a subject of many debates in Strasbourg. While in the coming years the ecological municipality intends to transform the city through 5 ambitious projects, a place familiar to Strasbourg residents will become completely pedestrianized. Her name ? Place du Temple Neuf. We take stock.

Since last spring, large sloping benches with green mounds behind each file have arrived at the Place du Temple Neuf, near the church of the same name. Conceived by the architectural firm “Les Nouveaux Voisins”, this project caused controversy by replacing 35 parking spaces that normally sat on the square. Parking spaces that will not return as the space will completely transition to the pedestrian side of the force around 2024.

According to the town hall, a decision made in 2021 is confirmed by the opinion of the residents

If this decision appeared in the local political news after a public meeting in early October, Syamak Agha Babaei, reached by phone, recalls that the decision to make the Place du Temple Neuf pedestrianized was already part of the pedestrian plan , voted by the municipal board on 4 May 2021. Indeed, in the deliberations dedicated to the subject (page 65), we can read: ” Continue pedestrianization and improve the layout of the Grande-Île meeting area, especially by redeveloping the spaces currently congested by cars “. A decision well recorded from 2021, therefore, although the Place du Temple Neuf is not named directly.

But in our columns last May, the deputy gave a speech which suggested that the site’s development would depend on the sequence of events: We don’t know if it will succeed, but we want to dare, to experiment, within the framework of what can also be a right to fail “.

Syamak Agha Babaei therefore justifies the decision about pedestrians with the fact that the car-free square has been successful with the residents: ” The fleeting use of the space has made it possible to show other possible uses. In addition, elements already released from the public inquiry, which is being conducted until October 20, show that the more than 500 people who responded are overwhelmingly in favor of more seating and greener “.

The results of this evaluation will be published at the beginning of November during the Mobility Forum. If the benches are to be removed for the Christmas market in November, the 1st deputy explains that from January the work on the square will begin” for completion in 2024 ideally “.

Cautious traders, as the City claims to have heard anyway

In our article on the subject, some merchants rejected the fleeting project, fearing that the disappearance of parking spaces would be mixed with those of their customers.. According to the first deputy, the very few traders who responded to the public survey indicated that they were ” well thought out “. However, Syamak Agha Babaei assures that the city has heard the complaints: ” We listened to merchants in fleeting use; Therefore, a certain number of parking spaces have been moved to the blue zone, especially for click and collect “. However, goes from 35 to 12the number of parking spaces has nevertheless fallen by two-thirds.

A decision which the 1st alternate completely adopted: “ We tried to make useful parkingnot parking as there is for the usual parking “. He then develops his vision of public space: In a city there are merchants, but also inhabitants. Traders are not the only stakeholders. The space belongs to all the residents “.

To talk about it with all the economic actors in the sector, Jeanne Barseghian will organize a meeting on 21 October. There is no doubt that this meeting will provoke a lot of debate. Like every time we touch the car in Strasbourg.

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