Manga releases of the week, October 6, 2022

Here’s a rundown of the series that launched this week, as well as one-shots and series that are coming to an end.

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New series

The sacrificial lovers / Ki-oon

In the 1940s, on the brink of war, Japan sank into dictatorship and closed its borders. In this context, the international trading company Fukuhara is struggling to maintain its activity. Its president, the charismatic Yusaku, decides to look for new supply channels in Manchuria, a province in northern China that has come under Japanese control and is presented as a land of plenty… Despite the concerns of his wife, Satoko , he takes on board. on a journey of several months with his nephew Fumio.

When they return, Satoko smells a change… worse, the smell of secrecy. Fumio leaves abruptly, and Yusaku informs his wife that he intends to arrange their departure for the United States, a potential enemy of Japan… What happened to them during their excursion into conquered territory?

the call of the night / Kurokawa

Impossible to resist the call of the night!!
The night Kô Yamori, a schoolboy and perpetual insomniac, decides to go for a walk alone, he meets Nazuna Nanakusa, a beautiful vampire.
“Look till you’re satisfied with your day, boy!”
His vigil alone with her will disturb Kô’s destiny…
First episode of a love story under the stars!!

Dandadan / Crunchyroll

Momo Ayase and Ken Takakura are both high school students. While the first believes in ghosts, the second is fascinated by aliens. Clearly, each makes fun of the other’s beliefs. Unable to convince each other, they challenge each other to find out which of the two is right. Momo ends up in a hospital where aliens are supposed to be, and Ken in a haunted tunnel. It’s the beginning of a heated romance where the occult, the paranormal and the supernatural collide in breathtaking mayhem!

Dungeon Reset / Kbooks

Dawoon’s life changes the day he is projected into a parallel world: he has to participate in a deadly game, the Dungeon Game, facing monsters and other dangers. When he falls into a trap and manages to survive it, the game resets and gives him new skills due to a bug. To get home, Dawoon will have to compete in ingenuity…

stone flowers / revival

Damascus, a small village in Yugoslavia, 1941. The days pass peacefully away from the political tensions in the capital, Belgrade, until Nazi troops invade and loot the country. Young Krilo sees his decimated class machine-gunned by a plane and his village burned. He flees into the mountains and finds other survivors who try to organize resistance or simply survive. Krilo goes in search of his brother, Ivan, a communist militant in Belgrade, helped by the people he meets.

My lovely bodyguard / Michael Lafon

During the flight back to Seoul, Sarah, a 17-year-old French-Korean girl, saves K-POP star Jaemin from a violent attack by a fanatic. At that time, she is far from imagining that her intervention will reveal heavy family secrets…

Navillera / Kbooks

Arriving at the twilight of his life, Shim Dukchul has only one regret: not having been able to learn ballet. But this grandfather intends to realize his ultimate dream despite the bullying of those around him who consider him too old to start such a demanding sport. His fate will cross Lee Chaerok, a young man of 23 who wants to become a star dancer. But in the meantime, our budding artist faces the problems of any youngster his age: the difficult end of the month.

Pseudo Harem / chattochatto

A talented student in the high school drama club, Rin is able to captivate people with her ability to embody different characters. Her classmate Eiji, who Rin has a secret crush on, is not insensitive to her talents as an actress and could use it to create the harem he’s always dreamed of! Which personality of Rin will win Eiji’s heart? Will he be able to see what she feels behind these different masks?

Roll over and die / Mahô editions

You will never defeat the Demon King! Flamme Abricot, a simple country girl, was chosen to join the hero’s squad despite her zero stats and a skill she can’t use. After becoming a burden to her teammates, she finds herself abandoned and sold to a slave trader. To escape her captor’s sadism and certain death, Flamme makes the desperate choice to grab a cursed weapon… It is then that something new awakens within her.

Star Wars – Leia: Princess of Alderaan / noob noob!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…
It is the birthday of young Leia Organa, princess of Alderaan, who has just turned sixteen.
She will have to face three challenges (of body, heart and mind) to be recognized as the rightful heir to the throne. Above all, she wants to be worthy of her parents, Bail and Breha Organa, but feels that they are detaching from her and suffers for it. Leia therefore undertakes to go on a humanitarian mission to the planet Wobani to help those in need. Confronted with the Galactic Empire, however, she will quickly learn that benevolence is not enough! The Princess also takes her first steps in the Senate Youth Legislative Program, in the company of delegates from across the galaxy…

The incident in the Far East / Vega-Dupuis

Unit 731, established between 1932 and 1933 by Imperial mandate, was a secret laboratory, military bacteriological research unit of the Imperial Japanese Army. Officially, this unit, led by Shir? Ishii, was dedicated to “epidemic prevention and water purification”, but in reality she was experimenting with human guinea pigs.

September 1945, Tokyo. Japan capitulated to the United States. A post-war process is then initiated: systematic tracking and elimination of human weapons created by Unit 731, genetically modified fighters, remnants of the war. In this context, a demobilized soldier, Konoe, is recruited and connected with an immortal young girl, Saika, herself born from a biological experiment by Unit 731. They will have to work together to hunt down the out-of-control creatures from this secret laboratory.

Your face in the moonlight / pika

Yoi has fine features, a slim body and a low voice… Result: everyone considers Yoi to be a very handsome boy, even if it means forgetting that she is a girl. Adored by all, especially the fairer sex, due to her fairy-tale hero look, she is nicknamed “the prince” by her classmates. The high school student has mixed feelings about this strange kind of popularity. Her meeting with Ichimura, the other “prince” of the school, who is in truth a boy, could shake Yoi’s image of herself…

one shot

Heaven for conquest / Delcourt

Amélie is a young Catholic married to Hans, a merchant in Dutch high society in the mid-sixteenth century. A life of humility, which does not suit his rebellious and whimsical nature, and which changes when Hans brings back a young slave from distant lands. Slowly, the two women will create a fusion relationship that will free them both…

Kamen Rider V3/X / Isan Manga

This continuation of the original story contains 6 stories that tell about the battles of Kamen Rider V3 and Kamen Rider X against the monsters of the organization Destron and GOD. In their missions, they will be helped by the young recruits of Kamen Rider, who will not lack cunning and courage to face these ruthless monsters. Kamen Rider X, Kamen Rider V3 and the young recruits will do everything to defeat them and protect the earth and its inhabitants from the terrible destruction that these fearsome evil organizations are secretly preparing. In another part of Kamen Rider X, this book exudes the tokusatsu atmosphere for our greatest pleasure, to tell the adventures of Kamen Rider V3!

My Hero Academia – anime comics Heroes Rising / Ki-oon

A brand new mission begins for the students in second A! Uei’s apprentices travel to Nabu Island to replace a retired hero. The stakes are high because this time they are completely responsible for the safety of the inhabitants and no help is authorized… This is an opportunity to prove their true worth!

Everything is going well until Nine, a supervillain with a strange quirk, appears… In fact, the man seeks at all costs to build a society where only the strongest would have a place, and to do this he will stop at . nothing! Despite their differences, will Izuku and Katsuki be able to join forces to overcome the threat?

Star Wars – Luke Skywalker: Legends / noob noob!

Many people in the galaxy know the name of this legendary Jedi, Luke Skywalker, but few have met him. Some say he is a ruthless war criminal. To others, it is not a human, but a droid. Whether human or legend, anyone who claims to have met the elusive Luke Skywalker has an incredible anecdote to share.

Complete series

shigahime – 5 volumes / Mangetsu

Osamu Hirota is a high school student with a banal and boring life. His daily life will take a radical turn after his encounter with the enchanting Miwako, an immortal vampire, and his former servant Soîchi Tachibana. In return, become his familiar, he must hunt his fellow humans to maintain human form. How will Osamu cope with his new life?

Star Wars – The High Republic: A Fragile Balance – 2 volumes / noob noob!

Centuries before the Skywalker saga, a new adventure begins…
This is the era of the High Republic. The expansion through the stars is in full swing. The famous Jedi, guardians of peace, are responsible for protecting the Republic and keeping hope alive for those who explore the dark recesses of the galaxy.
After the Great Disaster, young Jedi Lily Tora-Asi was tasked with helping refugees settle on Banchii, an uninhabited world in the Inugg system, deep in the Outer Rim. Banchii is the site of the new Jedi Temple led by Master Arkoff, Lily’s wookiee mentor, who envisions the temple as a refuge for new residents and a stopover for travelers. As she deals with the arrival of new settlers and unravels strange mysteries about this remote outpost, Lily is plagued by one question: is she doing enough to keep the galaxy peaceful? But when a new danger threatens the colony, the young Jedi must face the greatest challenge she has ever faced…

Zozo Zombie – 11 volumes / Vega-Dupuis

Zozozo the zombie is a zombie child. He is not obsessed with devouring human brains, no, what interests him above all is to have a life like all the other children, to go to school and to play with his friends. But when you’re a zombie, it still causes serious problems, and you’re never sure about losing a leg during a football match, or losing your head during a fight. Fortunately, he can count on the help of his friends to try to integrate into modern life!

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