how do you recognize them and where are they?

New private radar cars are increasingly numerous on our roads. We give you some tips to spot them effectively!

Coming soon 450 on the roads of France: the private radar carsor “mobile mobile radars”, is the new weapon government to track the smallest of our little deviations at the wheel. And since their privatization, it is even possible to be hired to run them!

Very specific models

These the new generation of radar cars are particularly sneaky, since by being unmarked and discreetly present in traffic, they are able to automatically detect speeding violations, and this in both directions, day and night. We reveal some tips to recognize them.

The models used are very varied, they are mostly common vehicles on our roads: Citroën Berlingo, Peugeot 308, Peugeot 208, Dacia Sandero, Renault Mégane… Keep an eye out and remember to be alert in all circumstances… Which exempts you not from naturally being careful on the road and respecting the traffic laws.

Private speed camera cars: license plates

Photo credit: Pascal Pennec / Auto Plus

Private speed camera cars are registered as ordinary cars and although it is difficult to know them all by heart, several websites list their license platessupporting images.

Radar cars are also easily recognizable by their license plates in frontwith unusual specifications and above all not homologated : they are actually printed on a plastic support with a rough reflective background and have an unusual typeface with narrow and rounded characters. This plate is mounted on a retractable support which provides access to the radar hidden behind.

Private radar cars: front

Photo credit: Pascal Pennec / Auto Plus

There are several distinctive signs at the front of the private radar cars. First of all, under the number plate there is a rectangular box facing the traffic: it is a infrared flashwhich means it works even at night, and is invisible when you’re being photographed!

Through the windshield we also find multiple cameras : if the smaller ones, located on each side, are quite discreet and allow you to recognize the speed limit signs, the big module located in the center of the dashboard is particularly impressive because it integrates a camera as well as a tablet for the driver.

It is this large “block” that you will mainly have to spot through the front windows when passing another vehicle to know for sure if it is a private radar car and therefore to raise your foot. On the other hand, when it arrives in front of you, it is generally too late to recognize it…

Private radar cars: rear

Image credit: Reporter Auto Plus

Finally, one of the other distinctive signs of private cars is radar in the center of the rear window : it has the form of a black rectangle with thick contours that are glued to the glass and can be clearly distinguished on models that are not equipped with tinted glass.

It is an infrared device that can recognize road signs placed in the opposite direction at night, and thus flash in front of arriving motorists. At night, this module can also be identified thanks to its small, lightly illuminated LEDs.

Now you want to know how to detect private radar car for sure encountered on your way!

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Private radar cars, where do they drive?

The number of radar cars is still very much controlled by the state. As we have indicated, 450 vehicles will be in circulation by the end of 2023. It is currently estimated that just over half of these vehicles are already in circulation, with 225 radar cars identified. Currently, these cars are distributed in 8 regions:

  • Hauts-de-France (approx. 33 cars)
  • Grand Est (approx. 40 cars)
  • Normandy (approx. 26 cars)
  • Brittany (approx. 18 cars)
  • Pays de la Loire (approx. 19 cars)
  • Centre-Val de Loire (approx. 20 cars)
  • New Aquitaine (approx. 45 cars)

The regions of Île-de-France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Occitanie, PACA and Corsica will see the arrival of radar cars in 2023.

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