Corsican entrepreneurs are participating in the big “business” gathering this Thursday in Paris

The 2022 edition of Big, led by BPI France, the public investment bank, will be set under the sign of metamorphosis. It will be held on October 6 at the Accor Arena Paris. We develop and lift together face to face first and then digitally.

This Thursday, October 6, Big- Bpi France Inno Génération- “the largest business meeting in Europe“, according to the formula of BPI France, the public investment bank on the initiative – with its many partners – of the event gathers managers of large groups, SMEs, VSEs as well as startups and creators within the walls of the Accor Hotel Arena in Paris.

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About twenty Corsican entrepreneurs as well as territorial and consular actors are also making the trip. For some of them, this Parisian sequence will have a little reunion. “I come to the island very regularly to meet the companies”, recalls Patrice Begay, CEO of BPI France.

In June 2022, the BPI France summer road trip aimed at promoting entrepreneurship, the Big Tour, also had entrepreneur festival“, stopped in Ajaccio, as close as possible to company managers and island project managers. At the same time, BPI France, from its regional management, maintains close links with all the living forces of the area that weave the structure of the entrepreneurial business. .

The momentum already well underway will be reinforced by the 2022 edition of Big, the equivalent of 500 conferences and workshops, 1,000 speakers including 150 top speakers. The operation will also call for “youall the emblematic French entrepreneurs and of the best experts in business development”. Economic operators will be linked to “very varied personalities from the associational, sporting and artistic world”.

Tomorrow’s challenges

It’s clearly the format of choice,”more immersive, more inspiring“is also more attractive than the average Big.”We have never had so many registrants in previous editions. All the communities will be present, French technology, French laboratory, French care, climate entrepreneurs and business creators”, develops the person responsible. or “French entrepreneurship in all its diversity”.

The collective, team spirit is crucial to go on the offensive. And we commit together as an era now seems to be approaching. A trend that Big supports and considers as one of the great challenges of our time by making metamorphosis the dominant theme of the day. “The metamorphosis is forced upon us by climate change, by the arrival of web3 as well as by the transformation of our industry. Everything is a race, and entrepreneurs have to rewrite their history. Big will therefore be the great gathering of entrepreneurs’ metamorphosis”, insists Patrice Begay.

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We look forward, without remorse or regret, for “be the best you”. In this perspective, by “new spaces to meet tomorrow’s big challenges”, has been thought. Within the perimeter of the Accor Arena, they coincide, among other things, with a space dedicated to the innovations of the great France 2030 program, an experience zone in Web3 version, i.e. a third phase in the use of the Internet. Added to this this year “a platform dedicated to exports where experts and entrepreneurs from all over the world come together to support French entrepreneurs who export”continues the managing director.

Expand your address book

Moreover, “the factory to undertake“has been subject to a major revision to facilitate the meeting of business creators and support networks. Also in 2022, “meeting point” is again at the center of the game. There, all those who wish can work on their relationship and expand their address book in contact with “more than 500 investors, buyers, advisors and experts”.

The principle during this day is also a personal success program. “The visitor experience has been redesigned so that every attendee can find what they are looking for. This is equivalent to tracking personal paths for each leader profile. For example, a brand new digital tool allows everyone to receive suggestions for conferences and rooms not to be missed, according to their areas of interest, of course.”, notes Patrice Begay.

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A day toobounce back, be inspired and dare“, as we celebrate innovation and the freedom to do business.

It will be preceded on October 5 in the Accor Arena still by 2e version of “Deeptech sees Big“. Start-ups that rely on cutting-edge technologies to, among other things, eradicate Alzheimer’s through stem cells, produce light with marine organisms, will be honored this time.

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