I hope the next generations will forgive us

The deputy and the leader in the movement EchabLeila Had considered the situation in the country to be catastrophic. She felt that everyone was stressed and it took a lot of effort to improve the situation. I hope the next generations will forgive us for what we have done… Parties should not only think about elections… That shouldn’t be their goal “, she added.

Invited on October 5, 2022 by Myriam Belkadhi in the ether Shems FM, Leila Haddad stated that the movement Echab should turn out en masse in the early legislative elections on 17 December 2022. She explained that the party will present candidates in 120 of the 161 constituencies set out in the decree. elector. They are mostly party activists. She believed that the contradictory statements of the representatives of the independent high authority for the elections (isia) showed a desire to exclude political parties.

The statements of Mnasri (spokesman forisia) has nothing to do with electoral law. The Electoral Act cannot be interpreted… The constitution does not prohibit the participation of political parties… Candidates who join our party are bound by the Movement Project Echab They will defend it… We are a party, we stand for election and we will be present in parliament… I handle several functions in the party “, she said.

Asked about the effect of the ban on continuing to practice his profession after the election of a candidate, Leila said Had claimed that the election decree had excluded lawyers, accountants, doctors, pharmacists and engineers. There will thus not be a doctor in the parliamentary committee with responsibility for the medical sector or a state-authorised accountant in the economic committee. She believed that the text of the law had excluded the entire Tunisian elite.

The member believed that despite the President’s vision and his attempts to bring about change, there was no change in the electoral climate. There were no measures against dirty money and corruption. She said bribes were given to collect sponsorships and this indicated that similar practices would be seen in the polls. Had wondered about the capacity ofisia to control and monitor the situation. She mentioned the vacancies at the national council level of the authority and believed that there was a lack of human resources to detect electoral irregularities. She felt thatisia was weak and feeble.

We have seen the use of dirty money in some areas right now… It’s about the movement Ennahda He announced a boycott of the election, but his second-tier leaders will run for the legislative… The party Destourian Libre also has candidates for the general election… Political parties are present on the political stage and on the ground… They present themselves through new faces… It’s political hypocrisy… They are trying to blackmail by telling foreign countries that they will boycott the election “, she said.

Leila Had held that the voter’s withdrawal of confidence from a deputy had no impact due to the holding of an election under the uninominal system. She also believed that some candidates could not present a political program. She mentioned as an example the constituency of Blessed Khedache of the Governorate of Medenine. She believed that the member of this constituency could not have a political programme.

The MP assured that the movement Echab supported the process that started on July 25 and the President of the Republic in his approach. Nevertheless, she insisted on the initiation of measures and reforms aimed at improving the economic situation. She emphasized the ambiguity and uncertainty about the future. Leila Had also criticized the lack of transparency on the part of the government Najla Bouden on negotiations with the International Monetary Fund. She described ministers as mere public servants who lack visions and strategies.

We are against the practice of the Minister of the Interior Taoufik Charfeddin around S17 and the ban on traveling without convictions… Even the head of state is against this kind of practice… This is not acceptable regardless of this person’s political affiliation… Freedom of movement is guaranteed by the constitution and by international treaties! », she exclaimed.


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