After a life of luxury, Josette, 80, will find herself on the streets

After months under pressure, Josette Klotz, 80, will be able to breathe: The debt for her husband has been erased. ©EG

“All debts are erased!” welcomes Josette Klotz, 80 years old. And not small claims. Below death of spousein 2020, the pensioner currently resides in Cormeillesin I’Eurosdiscovered itshe owed around 400,000 euros to the banks through many credits.

At the end of August, the Banque de France over-indebtedness commission decided debt forgivenessp. But Josette is not done with her problems… She has to leave her apartment tomorrow, Thursday 6 October 2022.

A call launched

Currently, Josette lives in a one-room apartment in Cormeilles, found by her social worker. “I have been here for a month and a half with a roommate. She sympathized with her roommate Christelle and the two women plan to move in together.

Problem: a new tenant has to take their place in Cormeille’s small studio, and Josette has not yet found another place to live. As an 80-year-old, desperate, the pensioner risks finding himself on the street tomorrow.

The apartments she coveted in Quillebeuf (Eure) went under her nose during her social worker’s vacation. So Josette and her roommate diligently perused the classifieds to find one accommodation on the ground floor, or even a small house. But recipients find the best offers very quickly. This is why Josette is appealing to landlords to quickly find a place to sleep (her contact details are at the bottom of the article) and ensure she has the means to pay the rent.

Her spouse leaves her 400,000 euros in debt

The eight-year-old has come a long way. Very thrifty, her late companion, a salesman in the advertising world and then self-employed, changed cars several times a year, the couple moved often… When we met her in June, Josette said: “He didn’t want me to work. At first he lived very well, we lived well. We went to Vuitton, he bought me perfumes, I went to the hairdresser and beautician every week…”

After 44 years of abundance, his companion was no longer generating as much income … but maintained the same lifestyle. So he had take many credits, especially in the last years of his life. And when he could borrow no more, he used the name Josette, who was ill at the time, and also unknowingly put her at the head of his company.

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He did this to save his company, he put everything in my name. I saw all this when he died because he saved my mail…

Josette Klotz

She had to leave her house

When her spouse suddenly dies of a Cancer, which he also hid from her, is a descent into hell for Josette, who discovers dozens of credits, has money taken from her and even has to sell her furniture to live. Her only income is a small pension. Shortly after our meeting, she was forced to leave the house she rented in Beuzeville (Eure).

A misfortune that never comes alone, one of her two pussies escapes when she enters the Inter-Hotel in Beuzeville, where she stays for a week. Josette Kotz is devastated. She nevertheless remembers the positive: “When I lost my cat, all the hotel staff helped me. Even the security guard said if he saw him he would arrest him! Unfortunately, “a friend called me and told me it had been run over…”

Lalie, Josette's remaining cat.
Lalie, Josette’s remaining cat. (© EC)

She is looking for emergency housing.

Good news: at the end of August, the pensioner was told that her debt had been cancelled. “The total demand for your debt comes into force”, she received in a letter from over-debt commission from the Banque de France, which had examined his files and decided on personal recovery measures without judicial liquidation. Josette reacts:

I am very happy. I’m very glad not to be in debt anymore because it’s still annoying all that…

Although his debt has been erased, after being kicked out of his home and risks being kicked out again at the age of 80, Josette, who also has difficulty walking, is at her wits end: “I’m exhausted, I’m tired. »

However, the one who in his youth as a nightclub manager in Paris “made the 400 blows” remains combative and continues to move heaven and earth to finally find a place of peace, after two years of bad news. That housing proposal will be welcome!

Are you renting accommodation that could suit Josette in Eure? She can be reached on 07 84 75 85 12.

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