A place for all players has opened in Saint-Flour (Cantal)

Hugo Colas has lots of ideas. A year ago, he opened a coworking and office space, Open Lab, on rue du Collège. A successful first bet. “Today I am super happy. The beginning was complicated, we had made a mistake in the recruitment. But now we have a great person running the place and it works. Walking through the door becomes a reflex for Sanflorans when they need for an office, a place to make a video or a meeting place. We take advantage of the telecommuting boom, but also our position between Aurillac and Clermont for meetings. »

A commercial area in Saint-Flour (Cantal) will soon be occupied by a shared workspace open to all


On Saturday he opened a second place, at the other end of the rue du Collège: Open Game.

I had created a place to work, I needed another to relax

, he smiles. But above all, he had noticed “that there was a lack of a place for young people centered around the game.” But when envisioning the space, this former professional eSports player doesn’t limit himself to this goal. He envisions a place “where all audiences, all generations and all types of players could meet. »

More spaces

More places are offered. From the entrance there are consoles (Playstation and XBox), “to play big video games together, in an atmosphere like at home. There we just downloaded the new Fifa, it should turn out to be quite good. “Another room, other consoles , “for the youngest, who can play Mario Kart, Animals Crossing, for example on Switch. “Radical change of the atmosphere upstairs. Only a few spotlights illuminate the room where giant screens are placed. We are there for the players, the real ones. “It will be a space for networking, for more competitive things. I really think this offering was missing. Almost everyone has a computer at home, but for office work, never powerful enough for gaming. There, it’s really a big machine that is a way to have fun.”

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Network games

Board game

But the site does not only offer virtual pleasures. The game is present in all its forms, from a room with small cars to the smallest, to tables dedicated to card games, board games, chess… “At the moment we have the great classics, but I will update the catalog according to demand. But the idea is to help people meet. For this we will put a big table where people can agree to play. Someone who is tired of playing Monopoly with his brother who cheats all the time will finally be able to change partners. Ditto for bridge, chess… this will give you the opportunity to find new opponents, or to play again for people alone. A cozy place where we offer tea, coffee, sweets…”

… for more traditional games

If the arrival of such a room may frighten some parents, Hugo Colas will be reassuring. “For each minor player, we open a file with his age. And he will not be able to play games prohibited by the Pegi classification. And I also invite parents to come and see us to give us their recommendations . And we will enforce them. Whether it’s banning certain games or, as someone asked me, playing without network headphones. “And for those who are afraid that the young spend all their time there: “that, that it’s paid, also limits the duration of the game. When they don’t have more credits, they stop. So the parents control, financially, the playing time.”


To this he will add hardware repair and an events page. “We want to organize big werewolf parties or other more original games. Because I’m lucky to have Aurélie, a facilitator, who can organize all this. I also want to do themed nights around a game, and of course console tournaments. For some games, I’m also thinking to install a table to set the customers’ times and reference marks, a bit like bowling. »
A space with many facets, materialized by the frescoes of its neighbor, Charlie Teulade, and encouraged to develop further. And to animate the city center. Especially since on sunny days there will also be a terrace.

To play, anywhere, each person pays €5 per hour. A subscription formula is available for €40 for 10 hours.

Yann Bayssat

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