8 design ideas to have a beautiful outdoor space regardless of the temperatures!

Looking for conservatory ideas to give your garden a nice finish even when the weather is dreary? The good news is that conservatory ideas can be just as stylish, architectural and even as colorful as you would expect to see in a summer garden! Discover 8 ideas to improve your outdoor space even in the coldest months!

8 ideas to have a beautiful garden all winter!

The best winter garden ideas will transform a summer paradise into a magical and cozy retreat through the seasons. Early bulbs and hellebores are just a few examples of winter flowers, while grasses and statuesque branches provide striking structure. Winter is also a great time to encourage wildlife with the addition of stylish bird feeders.

Place colored containers in your conservatory

conservatory colorful containers

Colorful planters add sparkle to a conservatory. Fill a jumble of your favorite styles with winter pansies and heather for the perfect scene. It’s quick and good work for a cool, sunny day. You can also place a table near a window and keep a row of pots filled with bulbs, ivy, cyclamen and auriculas. They bring a wonderful splash of color and shape closer to home.

Welcome small birds in your conservatory

DIY garden bird house

A container full of water and a feeder full of food help passing birds a lot, while watching the birds come and go is one of the great joys of a balcony garden. Bird tables and hanging feeders can be found in all sorts of styles to suit your garden, providing respite for redstarts and other birds when food is harder to come by. You can even learn how to make DIY bird feeders using our ideas here.

Grow your own vegetables for your conservatory

plant carrots winter vegetables

Winter does not mean the end of the growing season. If you’re really into growing your own fruit and veg, with all the environmental and health benefits it brings, and you’re looking for kitchen garden ideas that extend into winter, there are many delicious crops that flourish in the cooler months. Carrots and beans are just a few examples and are the perfect accompaniment to many dishes.

pergola winter climbing plants

If your garden lacks shelter, adding an artificial structure such as a pergola may be a good conservatory idea for you. The garden pergola provides shelter from the winter elements and shade in the summer and is a winner all year round.

Invest in sculptures and garden statues

sculptures outdoor design

Impervious to the elements, garden sculptures should always be on a list of ideas for a beautiful conservatory ambiance. In summer they are beautiful, but of course they compete with the flowers for attention. In winter, they can frame a view, as above, or perhaps become the focal point of a view from inside the house.

Grow snowdrops

winter flowers snowdrops

A true sign of hope, even on the coldest of mornings there are snowdrops in many varieties to explore. You can try singles, doubles or even scented flowers. Or, if you’re looking for something a little different, try this fantastic variety of ‘Russian Snowdrop’. Whichever type you choose, it will bring optimism to any winter scene.

Vibrating rods

dogwood stems conservatory

You don’t have to rely on flowers for vibrant colors in winter. If you have the space, there’s nothing more comforting on a winter’s day than a border of dogwood trees. Try e.g. the variety ‘winter fire’ red dogwood to fiery red shades. Characterized by the white stems of birch trees and mounds of evergreen rhododendrons, they can create a spectacular winter spectacle. Plant them in a spot where they get sun and they can play an even bigger role.

Create architectural interest with ornamental grasses

ornamental grass exterior design

If you learn how to grow ornamental grasses successfully, you will also find that they make wonderful winter garden ideas because they retain their shape and shine when covered in frost. It is important to get rid of them quickly from snowfall – this can bend and break their stems, although they recover quickly in the spring. Mixing grass with evergreens is also a good idea. Movement and softness create another dimension compared to the solid structure of evergreens or shrubs.

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