Villard-de-Lans. Tony Parker invests 96 million euros in a hotel residence –

Text: Morgan Couturier – Three years after taking over the Villard-de-Lans ski lift company, ASVEL’s president intends to continue the development of the Isère resort. In addition to the reduction of visual pollution, the former basketball player presented his hotel accommodation project, Ananda Resort, which should provide energy to the site at least ten months of the year.

To paraphrase a mythical line from an American series, one would think that “winter is coming”. It is not the return of parkas and a certain polar cold that makes us say the opposite. But regardless, such an impression can be seen above all on the cover of Tony Parker, and the soothing climate that the mountain air provides. And it is a shame if Lyon is chosen to address the issue of HIS Villard-de-Lans station, its mere mention seems to transcend the former basketball player. In many respects, as the latter has found there for four years, a new sporting crush.

Arnaud Mathieu, Mayor of Villard-de-Lans, Tony Parker, President of Infinity Nine Mountain, Sébastien Giraud, Deputy Director of SEVLC and Thomas Guillet, Mayor of Corrençon-en-Vercors

In Vercors, the president of ASVEL learned to love. To love skiing, but above all to invest in winter sports, since 2019 he has owned the local ski lift company. Since this Thursday, September 29, 2022, he has even been on the trail of a four-star hotel residence, called Ananda Resort, which the former playmaker is getting ready to build on nearly 21,000 m.2. “We want to be innovative and make the station live over the four seasons”, he presented about this “avant-garde project” planned for 2025, which will have 132 apartments, 900 warm beds and an “indoor bar that is necessarily focused on sports”. “.

Property prices increase by 20%, SEVLC revenue by 30%

“Our ambition is to welcome new customers thanks to this new hotel residence”, delighted the mayor of Villard-de-Lans for his part, Arnaud Matthew, the latter hoping to restore life to the estate. “The goal is to have an occupancy rate of 80% ten months a year. We were losing momentum, we needed to revitalize all this and warm the beds,” pressed his side, Sebastien Giraudthe general manager of the Villard-de-Lans and Corrençon-en-Vercor ski lift company (Photo above).

The forecourt to the residence must accommodate restaurants and various activities

In fact, if the creation of a leisure area and the prospect of a new offer of seminars thus tend to diversify the activity, Tony Parker already sees a resort capable of living “over the four seasons”. An ambition justified by the nature of the investment, while the former All Star player admitted to having invested 96 million euros through his company Infinity Nine Mountain. “We can’t wait to cut the cord for the inauguration”, even letting go of the president of ASVEL, for whom the maxim “the mountain, it wins you”, seems to be justified.

A water mill project for snow production set up next year

Better yet, while fans of the resort and the town’s 4,200 residents will have to be patient to take advantage of this tourism revolution, Tony Parker isn’t going to sit idly by. Indeed, in order to “give back to France” what it has given him, the Lyon businessman and his teams have committed to minimizing visual pollution and therefore reducing the number of pylons by 20% on the domain. “We are preparing for the future. We are already tomorrow,” recognized his right-hand man, Sébastien Giraud. While waiting to be able to ski and put on your spatulas, it is therefore fashionable to get carried away. All the best up to Villard-de-Lans.

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