the votes are over, the excitement begins

Public voting is now closed and so are the calculations. Before we reveal the winners of the Watts d’Or on November 10, a few thoughts on the evolution of the relationship with the car.


The public vote to choose the Watt d’Or for electric car of the year 2022 will therefore be spread over just under two weeks, with thousands of voters expressing their preferences for the 20 models in the competition.

Everything being fixed, with a point system based on a set of 10 “objective” criteria, quantified and measurable, the vote of the jury and the public, we were able to perform the calculations based on the formula we determined, which includes a weighting coefficient between the vote of the public and the jury.

The coefficient is the following:

  • weight of public votes: 60%
  • weight of jury votes: 40%

Indeed, we have deemed it relevant to place more weight on the public vote given the massive number of votes cast, at least significantly enough to give the trophy its credibility. In fact, our little spreadsheet mill including all the formulas beforehand revealed some very interesting things. In particular, the fact that the vote of the public and the jury was finally quite close, and that the activation of the weighting coefficient did not fundamentally change the places, at least as far as the podium is concerned. Except that among the first 3, according to the application or not of this coefficient, the classification varied between the second and the third, the first was still the winner.

This poll also brought us some lessons about taste and especially public expectations, which in the end reflect quite faithfully everything we observe from the readers of Automobile Propre by immersing ourselves in the comments on the articles and forums on the site. But it wasn’t just the site’s loyal and active readers and “subscribers” who voted. Considering the number of voters, although everything is completely anonymous, we can imagine that other voices have come, alerted by the few messages that we have published on social networks, which are not (or not yet) part of the usual readership of the site.

Regarding the charging networks, the mass is also said among the 12 in competition, similarly based on objective and measurable criteria and the jury’s (but not the public’s vote for this more “technical” category).

Finally, please note that for the “Best Innovation in Electromobility” category, jury voting is underway as I write these lines and members are reviewing the 15 shortlisted files to try to identify tomorrow’s best actors. large and abundant (and exciting) field where we find everything, software, hardware, applications, services, SAAS and even manufacturers…

Presentation of the trophies on 10 November

We can’t say much more at the moment without digressing and risking giving you some clues about the winners. For our part, we know what the electric car of the year is, but we’ll have to wait until November 10 to find out. In the meantime, we are working hard to organize the award ceremony, which will be held live in streaming on the Automobile Propre YouTube channel, with members of the jury, the Automobile Propre editorial staff and, of course, representatives of the winners and sponsors of the Watts d’Or.

A few more weeks of patience and you will know everything about this list, which may have some surprises in store, and which of course will not please everyone, otherwise it would not be fun.

Watts d’Or is pleased to welcome a new partner, Chargeguru.

ChargeguruChargeGuru is the European expert in charging electric cars. Our mission is to design efficient, simple and scalable charging solutions for electric cars to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility. Our solutions are at the forefront of technology and are made to perfectly meet our customers’ needs. They are deployed by local experts who share our passion for sustainable development. Established in 2018, we are currently present in 7 countries (France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Italy, UK) with local teams to support our customers and partners. We will be close to 200 gurus in 2023.

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