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Zapping Lord UP A week in a BMW CE 04

We are on the banks of the Seine, in the underground setting of a disused Renault garage. 6 levels, 12 hills if we count the mezzanines. We are busy in the heat of this early summer. At each level, exceptional cars are revealed. Manufacturers such as Bugatti or Alpine, also owners, entrusted real treasures to Edouard Schumacher for this evening. But we are not at the end of our surprises: we have to switch to a parallel world.

A unique evening event, between real and virtual

Credit photo – Mathieu Diribarne

The black car, a unique piece (on the second step of the podium for the most expensive car in the world with 15.9 million euros), faces another hypercar from Bugatti, the white Centodieci, which was not only produced in ten copies. No one has yet had the chance to see them together. It’s the first time, and it’s here on June 21, 2022. For Edouard Schumacher: “Bugatti is Bugatti thanks to those who dream of Bugatti. You have to show them! “. There are also several Chiron Pur Sport. Alpine has also played the game and the French manufacturer has lent a car revealed to the press for two days, here again the lucky few who will attend this evening will benefit from an exclusivity, since no one has yet had the opportunity to see “in real life” this Alpine Tour de Corse 75, a very limited edition of the Alpine A110. Next to two art cars, the Alpine A110 Sastruga made by the Obvious collective and another, dressed up by Felipe Pantone.
On each floor, it is a surprise and the codes are mixed: next to the supercars, there are customized sneakers made by a Parisian workshop – a reinterpretation in the form of a pair of shoes from the R5 Turbo straight out of Back to the Future -, jewelry – Edouard wears much that comes from his friend Serge Muller, the creator of Mad Lords and alternative jewels that are there this evening -.

The highlight of the show will be an exhibition of NFT in the Metaverse, which well illustrates the small Copernican revolution taking place in the world of luxury, of which the evening being prepared is a emanation. Around Edouard Schumacher, his clients and his friends, a tribe has been formed that goes beyond the usual codes of the relationship between seller and buyer. “We have a sensitivity to beautiful things, but above all to singularities, unlike the big luxury groups” explains the young CEO of the LS Group, at the head of 53 concessions that distribute brands such as Alpine, McLaren, Bugatti, Lamborghini or Maserati, Volvo, Renault and Fiat.

To see him, in jeans, t-shirt and sneakers, with his tattoos and his bracelets, we do not necessarily imagine him at the head of a company with 1,500 employees, which shows 870 million euros in turnover. . This disproportionate evening, in the context of this disused garage, is one of those unique moments that he likes to be able to offer. “The square will be the subject of a property development with the construction of high-end apartments” Soon everything will be demolished, and with the building it is part of a century’s history that we will scratch the architecture of the city.

Tonight we will view the Seine for the last time from the roof terrace on the 7th floor. As for the incredible encounter between the black car and Centodieci, there will be no other time. “This building is empty, this place has always made me fantasize. I feel like I’m in an amusement park”, continues Edouard Schumacher, who clicked on the exhibition by watching his 9-year-old son play with creating virtual roller coasters on Roller Coaster Tycoon. “He wants to be the customer of tomorrow’s mobility,” explains the father-boss. “I’m 2.0, I guess in flat mode. He reasons in 3D”. Synonymous with performance, high technology, these hypercars make children dream, who are even able to name brand names. In fifteen years they will be his clients. That is why Edouard Schumacher drives his group into a parallel world with a virtual art gallery called Car-Advisor Revolution (Together), where works by several contemporary artists are exhibited, Kongo, Fenx, ColorZ and Riocam with the artist’s participation. Denis Santelli, project manager. “21st century art will be digital,” he emphasizes. Finally, our relationship with consumption and with this famous “customer experience”, which will change character by switching to the virtual: it is through its digital double that the customer will “live” his relationship with the brand. “3D changes the relationship with the product and with the service,” emphasizes the specialist.

Another relationship with jewellery, luxury and art: the Mad Lords case

On the left, Edouard Schumacher, CEO of LS Group.

Caroline and Serge Muller have conquered even the galleries of the Ritz with their ethnic and chic jewelry (including Sevan Bıçakçı’s).Credit photo – Mad Lords

Edouard Schumacher wears jewelry. And especially those that were unearthed and sold by his friends Serge and Caroline Muller, the founders of Mad Lords. These two adventurers of “rock chic” unearth creative artists from all over the world, which they offer in a large store located at the end of a courtyard, rue Saint-Honoré.

The place looks more like a place to live than a jewelry store, and here you wander from one discovery to another. Ponytail, T-shirt, necklaces and bracelets… Serge Muller ditched the investment banker he was for thirty years to embrace the second career he dreamed of as a child. He saw himself as a criminal or diamond lawyer, he was successively a banker and jeweler. This hard worker says about him that he has no talent, we will recognize in him a very safe instinct, sharpened by a bohemian childhood in an artist’s family. He talks about classical music, jazz, painting, a mixture of ideas. “It’s my breeding ground,” he says. “It nourished me and made me grow”.

If this non-conformist has put his creative abilities at the service of the economy – contrary to what one might think, the two areas are therefore not necessarily contradictory – the man gets tired and stomps his feet and dreams of freedom. His intuition whispers to him that the codes are changing. In addition to the classic social classifications, parallel tribes form and blur the tracks. To recognize yourself and claim that you belong to a tribe, you wear tattoos, jewelry, as well as so many signs that allow you to proclaim your identity. Serge and his wife Caroline – Mad Lords is a couple’s project – decide to create their own universe, “a place we like, a bit hidden”, he says, where they offer a selection of artists’ jewelery such as . Sevan Bıçakçıs. , a true jewelry star in Turkey, “hippie, rock, anti-conformist, but precious” jewelry, however, as Serge Muller points out. A position that is certainly offbeat but trendy, as Mad Lords has a window in the very chic gallery of the Ritz Paris, a store in Saint-Tropez and another in Deauville. After all, for Serge Muller, everyone has the right to treat themselves to a piece of the dream, and although some of the creations on display reach prices worthy of a jeweler on the Place Vendôme, it is important that everyone feels allowed to push to the door. the store, even with a budget of 200 euros.

When fine watchmaking meets the street

On the left, Edouard Schumacher, CEO of LS Group.

Edouard Meylan and Eric Cheng. The Streamliner Chronograph UNDEFEATED, with its very street black camouflage look inspired by the world of Undefeated, was produced in 76 copies.Credit photo – H.Moser & Cie

Swiss haute horlogerie brand H.Moser & Cie claims to belong to the very narrow category of “offbeat haute horlogerie for insiders”. And in fact, the brand does not hesitate to play spoilsports in this very civilized environment (we remember its caustic film about the vagueness maintained around Swiss Made), and its designs as well as its collaborations make H.Moser & Cie a real nugget for lovers of the new generation of haute horlogerie… who do not hesitate to buy a tourbillon watch on Instagram.

It comes as no surprise to Eric Cheng, co-owner of the Undefeated brand, founded in 2002 and known for his collaborations with artists and brands from vastly different worlds, creating limited series that are snapped up all over the world.

From Nike to McLaren via Monclerc, Undefeated does not hesitate to make the divisions. Watch collector and already owner of a Streamliner, Eric Cheng contacted Edouard Meylan, the young CEO of the family house H.Moser & Cie via the brand’s social network. Edouard Meylan makes it an honor to answer all emails himself. This is how great stories begin in the 3.0 world. The contact is simple, obvious. Organic. We get closer because we are similar and share the same values. It’s that simple. “We love the collaborations they do, we have shared values ​​and we love getting out of our comfort zone,” explains Edouard Meylan simply. Eric Cheng, who collects watches like he collects sneakers (which we therefore usually buy twice), recognizes that H.Moser and Undefeated are in the way they interact with their customers. “Market trends have changed in ten years,” he continues, noting that some major watch collectors are also major Undefeated collectors, which again makes a big difference in terms of clientele, whether it’s age or age, socio-professional categories.

For him, luxury watchmaking has far from said its last word, to the point that, according to him, it could establish itself as a fashion phenomenon… “A lot of people are looking for fresh people, vibes and different designs” he concludes (“a lot of people are looking for new people and vibes, different designs”). Luxury has not said its last word.

To summarize

Luxury is no longer always where we expect it. On the outskirts of the main roads of the capitals, it unfolds in other forms, less caricatured, more discreet and exclusive. With its codes, a mix of creativity, know-how and street culture, the luxury of the digital age has neither barriers nor boundaries. Its rarity is its price. The proof by 3, with Edouard Schumacher, the car’s street dandy, Mad Lords, specialist in off-code designer jewelery and H.Moser & Cie, which is a hit in the offbeat fine watchmaking niche on the occasion of the collaboration with label Undefeated.

Carole Huyvenaar

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