humor and French song through time and space

Dry and electric guitars, French chanson, rock, punk, reggae, there will be something for everyone at the Les Courants festival this year. Beautiful celebrations in perspective for this 20th edition, which begins on Thursday 6 October in Montlouis-sur-Loire and ends on 29 October in Amboise.

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The Les Courants festival is now in autumn and not in July as in previous years. “It moves in time and space, it becomes Montlouis-sur-Loire and in Amboise and over three weekendsStéphane laughs divisible, his programmer.

On over the years we had lost a third of the public with an irreversible development, because the police systematically conducted searches before the concerts. We understand the logic of leaving the festival and we validate afterwards, but there, on the Ile d’Or, it really was no longer livable for us.

The thirty volunteers therefore try the adventure elsewhere and take the opportunity to enjoy different atmospheres, Montlouis to get up at all and at the Beaumarchais theater in Amboise, song employed.

The theme for 2022 is humor and song. Youtubers McFly and Carlito opens the ball on Thursday, October 6. We cater to a younger crowd and this is their first tour“, comments the programmer.

For this twentieth edition, fmany artists return to the Courants. Didier wampas will present his new album “Tempête, Tempête”. The artist completely adheres to the spirit of festival. We had hoped to see them with Les Ludwig von 88 for a long time.” adds Stephane Debarre, qI am looking forward to Friday 7th October in the evening.

It is true that a poster Wampas-Ludwigit is enough80 years”. Well, since then Ludwig’s “learned to make music“, according to his own statement. Back on the scene for seven years, they make pleasure.

Singer Karim says: part Charlu (Charlu Shadow, bassist) and his satanic cloak as a novelty, we will make classic Ludwig. At Les Courants we appreciate the atmosphere, there is no side fat machines, it’s still human like a festival.” In 2017, the Ludwig von 88 group has known Touraine for a long time:He there was Tweety here we played along Drinkwe came a lot of times, we have a lot of Memories.

To the bill, there will also be the trio Soviet SupremeThe eyes of the head and Mine the shoes are red. The final concert, scheduled for October 29, will bring together Nicolas Jules and Sanseverino.

Lately Nicolas Jules has left ours. Finding him with his trio will be a great pleasure. He will be accompanied by his friend, drummer Roland Bourbon and violinist Frédéric Jouhannet. His game demands to be seen. The good thing about him is that he knows how to use silences. He is surprising when he is not playing“, analyzes Nicolas Jules.

The same evening, Sanseverino will sing Béranger, the libertarian born in Amilly. “I played very often with Sanseverino welcomes Nicolas Jules. “I know him a lot well, we had sympathized in the late 90s, in a bar in Pas-de-Calais around a pinball machine before he sang. It’s fun for me to watch him sing Béranger there. I always knew he was going to do something with him. I was present that day, they met. I remember the enthusiasm of Sanseverino to meet his idol afterwards, they corresponded for a long time…” No wonder the singer from Montreuil takes over his lyrics.

Nicolas Jules has always tried to make people laugh with scary songs. It’s kind of become his trademark. It goes from hot to cold water without ever going through lukewarm. Normal that he closes the Streams.

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