Espace des Arts: The members of the Club des Mécènes renew their support for the Scène nationale Chalon-sur-Saône

United around common values ​​and new goals, a new charter was signed between the donors and the recipient. The Espace des Arts is, thanks to the established relationships of trust, one of the national stages that received the most support in terms of sponsorship!

On Friday 30 September at the Rotonde de l’Espace des Arts, the members of the Club des Mécènes gathered around their president Agnès Vitteaut, also head of Domaine Vitteaut Alberti, Sébastien Martin, president of Grand Chalon and EPCC Espace des Arts and Nicolas Royer , director of the EDA*, to sign the new patronage charter for the Espace des Arts. During this evening we also noted the presence of Emmanuelle Dupuit, Vice President of Grand Chalon in charge of culture and development of student life.

Let’s remember that “Espace des Arts created a patron club in 2007 to further anchor its action by surrounding itself with the support of private actors who share the idea that art and culture actively benefit the attractiveness and influence of the territory. . Due of this dialogue initiated with the financial world for many years, today there are 21 corporate sponsors participating in this approach, which promotes shared values ​​around creativity, diversity and integration.

A recognized place of dissemination and artistic production that radiates from the local territory to the international, Espace des Arts experiences a new orientation that is to conquer new audiences and make culture accessible to all, but also to make it a tool for personal development. In this context, the Patrons’ Club supports more specifically a strong effort, either towards youth and social inclusion, especially through 2 schemes developed by the Espace des Arts ‘Trop Classe!’ and ‘Espace de Rue’, or in favor of artistic creation. »

In his speech, the chairman of the patron club recalled the desire to carry out actions aimed at making culture accessible to all and demystifying the world of culture as much as business; two worlds that do not oppose each other, but complement and respond to each other to provide new solutions, thanks to this new charter of support for creation and production, integration and diversity, but also personal development tools, by allowing them to meet , discuss and learn from their respective practices, because what really matters here is: “Sharing common values ​​through concrete actions”.

The Patrons’ Club currently consists of 21 members (Girardot Groupe, Caisse d’Epargne Bourgogne Franche-Comté, Vignerons de Buxy, Transports Becker, Cglobal, Deejo, Optique Duplessis, Chalon’Energie, Six M Énergie Sochaleg, Arsians, Koesio , Le Dracy Hotel and Spa, Codexco Corgeco, Vitteaut Alberti Crémant de Bourgogne, Morey Traiteur, Delaporte Public Works Buildings, Dodille Publicity, A&M, SARL Pourette, Audition conseil Laboratoires Belissent, Kandra group), which provides the Espace des Arts with an envelope of 120,000 Euro. It is the largest sponsor budget of all the Scènes Nationales, which have 77, including 3 in Saône-et-Loire, which is an extraordinary enough fact to be underlined (Chalon-sur-Saône, ARC Le Creusot, Le Théâtre, Scène National Macon ). The sponsor club can accommodate a few more members who want to participate in this great adventure in a very friendly place.

“Culture prepares and repairs conscience”

Nicolas Royer, director of Espace des Arts then took the floor to present the 22/23 season. On the program 130 performances to experience emotions and share evenings, all as different as each other. The place of creation, distribution, meeting and sharing, Espace des Arts carries out the mission of being even more accessible to all. “Culture prepares and repairs the conscience,” he added. Chalon-sur-Saône National Scene and Club des Mécènes have rewritten a new charter to carry out new actions based on 3 axes:

  • Oral work. Especially with the classroom, which hosts 7 classes during the season, where a workshop, with an associated artist, is run around voice, posture and listening. This work, which is much appreciated, can be turned into a workshop for companies.
  • Espace de Rue is a place dedicated to urban cultures. This upper class in hip-hop is unique in France. Meetings can be offered between apprentices working in partner companies and young people integrated in this education.
  • The production. Espace des Arts offers to experience a production together from A to Z, over a few months or over 1 to 2 seasons. “These are moments rich in emotion” emphasized Nicolas Royer.

The director of Espace des Arts warmly thanked all members of the sponsoring club and specified: “120,000 euros is one production and we do two a year. If there wasn’t this support, we would be amputated from a production, or we would miss the classroom that couldn’t work, or Space hip-hop”.

Sébastien Martin, President of Grand Chalon and EPCC Espace des Arts, concluded by also thanking the members of the Patrons’ Club and its president Agnès Vitteaut, “sparkling and imaginative, who brings her little touch of madness […]. We always find original and creative things. He then addressed his thanks to Nicolas Royer, who, even before taking over the management of the Espace des Arts, had already wanted to breathe new life into it when he was deputy director of this club. “You were wise to renew or relinquish this commitment,” he continued, addressing the assembly. “We have a territory rich in 3 national stages, it is unique, but Chalon-sur-Saône can be compared to the great national theatres. […] What is being done here is to keep the flame of the creative spirit alive; sometimes it surprises, but we see things that we don’t see anywhere else. I invite you to come and discover this place, every time it is a wonder and a discovery! »

* Espace des Arts, National Stage Chalon-sur-Saône


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