DIRECT. Free crime in Gard: “I see the dagger in the car, I tell myself that this is an opportunity”

The young man, who has been repeated since Monday 3 October in Mende, was sentenced last January in Nîmes to life imprisonment and 22 years of security for stabbing to death a 39-year-old hitchhiker in Villevieille near Sommières on 19 June 2028 His only goal: to know the feeling of killing. Follow the audience’s highlights live.

The second day of the trial against Mathieu Danel, 27, will be devoted to the questioning of the accused, several of his relatives and certain psychiatric experts, after a first hearing occupied by the hearings of the investigators. The accused appealed against his sentence of life imprisonment handed down in January 2022 by the Assize Court of Gard.

– 9:30: The accused continues his terrible account of the crime

The President returns to the victim: “How do you find it?”

“A little bit unusual, surprising, she could laugh after a silence for no reason, maybe a little moody. The conversations remained very superficial, we didn’t get any closer. We were maybe a little closer than the average hitchhikers without regrets having to part.”

He is questioned about his proposal to have sex with Claire before killing her.

“That I told myself, we’re in an isolated place, out of sight, maybe that’s what she wants me to understand. I’m pretty clumsy at reading signs of flirting so I asked her if that’s what it was, but it wasn’t. I analyzed it as a possible explanation.”

Did you want this sexual relationship or is it because you have nothing else to do?”

“It’s kind of like I didn’t really feel like it, but if it had come up, yes.”

How did she react?”

“She took it in the same tone as the rest of the conversation, not outraged, not surprised, even she just said it wasn’t possible. I just told myself well, I misunderstood. I wasn’t angry, at least I wasn’t particularly motivated at the time.”

About shopping:

“I notice the dagger, it’s there, everything falls into place in my head, I notice that the place is deserted, that there is no connection that would allow my arrest, that the circumstances were favorable for the set-up instead of what I had in mind.”

For two years I had noticed that there wasn’t much that could trigger an emotional response in me like it had before. I was bored at work, I was bored at home and wondered what could trigger something in me.”

“At the same time, in the universe we live in, we are exposed to TV shows, too many things that talk about murder, and I had to ask myself the question. I gradually lost the ability to experience emotions, but it was never completely dry.”

“I knew it was forbidden, that it was terrible, but I no longer had the moral and emotional net to realize how monstrous what I was about to do.”

The judge:You have chosen to test your feelings on the morbid and criminal basis and not on the sexual level. What made it anchor on the criminal ground? “

“II needed something extreme enough to tell me that if that action didn’t hurt me, nothing would.”

It was during these two days after thinking more seriously about it that I realized the certainty of capture and the damage done. When we often watched TV shows with my mother, she said that the bad guy always gets caught, whether it takes two days or twenty years, the team of investigators always wins. I could take my life back, but it was a sword of Damocles and anytime in the next 40, 50 years I could be stopped.”

Her reaction when she sees the dagger? “A little scared, surprised, she tried to understand, so much it came out of nowhere. She was right, it was. In shock.”

– 9:10: Mathieu Danel is at the helm

The president made Mathieu Danel take the stand, “given the poor acoustic conditions in the box”, because the day before his statements on the microphone were almost inaudible.

The judge: “I want you to tell us about the day the crime took place”.

Mathieu Danel speaks in a monotonous tone that will not vary even when he has to tell the most terrible moments of this day, June 19, 2018.

“I was driving around aimlessly and I saw this young woman on the side of the road hitchhiking, she told me she wanted to go to Nîmes, when she got there she told me she wanted to go to Sommières, when I arrived, was I know to go and she offered me, indicating that she was a tour guide to visit the area.”

“I had nothing to do, we visited and told me anecdotes. Later we looked for a convenience store to buy food, it was closed, we went to a pizzeria, we ate and split the bill. I was ready to go, she told me she wanted to go up to the heights of the city to get some fresh air because it was hot.”

“By that time it was dark, we stayed in the car, I offered to have sex with her, she very politely declined, saying she was more into it but she had a medical problem and she couldn’t. It I did. no offense.”

“When I left I offered to drop her off at a hotel because we were in the middle of nowhere and she told me she wanted to sleep in that beautiful chair. When I left I saw the dagger in the door and I said to myself , that this is an opportunity for me to kill her because the place is very auspicious.”

“I go back to her, when she sees her, she kind of panics… a lot. I explain to her what I was going to do, that I was going to kill her, not because she had done anything bad to me, she seemed as a very nice person, but for a few years I’d wanted to see what it felt like to kill someone, so I did.”

“I hit her several times, trying to hit the vital parts to keep it as short as possible because at no point did I want to hurt her more than necessary.”

“I had never done this before, I saw in the autopsy report that she didn’t die right away. Once I made sure she was dead, I went home.”

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