A car in the Loire, thefts of diesel fuel, a policeman hit… Various facts from Nièvre in brief

Seven hundred liters of diesel from several heavy goods vehicles were stolen from the premises of the Territorial Road Infrastructure Unit (UTIR). The thieves cut the fence to break in. The theft was noticed on Monday, October 3.

…in Nevers…

At the end of last week, 180 liters of diesel were sucked from the tank of a truck belonging to a Spanish company. He was parked on the boulevard Maréchal-Juin.

… in Coulanges-lès-Nevers…

One hundred liters of diesel was sucked from the tank of a construction excavator. The theft was reported to the gendarmes on Monday 3 October.

… and in Decize

Three hundred liters of fuel disappeared from the tanks of two trucks and a tractor over the weekend of Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd October. The thieves jumped over the company’s fence.

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A man found dead in Parigny-les-Vaux

A man was discovered dead on Tuesday, October 4 at around According to the first elements of the investigation by the gendarmes, the origin of the death does not appear suspicious. Investigations are ongoing to determine the exact causes.

Arrested in Clamecy after a motorcycle theft

The gendarmes arrested two men, suspected of being involved in the theft of a motorcycle in Yonne. The victim had seen his stolen two-wheeler on an online sales website. In cooperation with the gendarmes, she got an agreement with the sellers to try the machine…

Electric car stolen in Murlin

An electric car was stolen from a company farm. The theft was brought to the attention of the gendarmes on Monday 3 October.

He attacks a policeman in Nevers

During his arrest, a man twisted the fingers of a policeman and punched him in the face, Saturday, October 1, boulevard Maréchal-Juin. Abandoning the run when he saw the patrol, the person had taken refuge in a garden, hidden under a tree, and then tried to force a gate. The police found him in possession of 6.8 grams of cocaine and a tiny amount of hashish.

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A burglarized house in Nevers

A wallet and mobile phone were stolen from a property on rue des Montapins, between Sunday 2nd and Monday 3rd October. A bay window and a door were forced open.

A car hit a power pole in Moulins-Engilbert

A car hit an ErDF post on Saturday 1 October at around 12.30pm on the RD37 between Vandenesse and Moulins-Engilbert. The accident did not cause any injuries, but it required the implementation of a diversion until the repair of the equipment.

The car falls into the Loire at La Charité-sur-Loire

A team of firefighters and a salvage company were on Sunday 2 October around 15.00 called to quai Léopold-Sédar-Senghor to get out of the Loire a car that had fallen by accident. The handbrake was not activated, she was parked in the parking lot when she left her place to go and taste the fresh water of the river. There were no occupants.

A car in the ditch in Saint-Éloi

A car ended up in the ditch without causing any damage, on Sunday 2nd October around 9.30am on the road to Imphy. The driver was driving at a speed of 1.22 grams of alcohol per liter of blood and with a driving license stripped of all its points.

A sheep killed, an illegal installation, food stolen under the halls… Various facts from Nièvre in brief

A burglar property in Ougny

After breaking into a shutter and a door, jewelery and a television were stolen from a property. The break-in was discovered on Friday, September 30.

A burnt car in Nevers

An Audi A4 was destroyed by fire on Saturday, October 1 at around 11:30 p.m., rue Jules-Verne. It had been stolen from its owner on Thursday 22 September.

Arrested in Nevers with hashish and cocaine

On Monday 3 October, the police checked two men in possession of drugs.

The first, rue Bernard-Palissy, contained 4 grams of cannabis resin; the other, rue du Champ-de-Foire, had almost 2 grams of cocaine.

A driver without a license in Nevers

Police intercepted a motorist driving a car seen at high speed on Monday, October 3, rue Gresset. The driver, author of several violations of the Highway Code, did not have a license.

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