“With Ancelotti, PSG would have already won the European Cup! »

For almost ten years, Sylvain Armand wore the club’s shirt 380 times and registered in the top 4 of the most played players. A very beautiful longevity, to which are added good memories, including that of a coach he still carries in his heart, Carlo Ancelotti.

In what context did you sign for PSG?

I signed in 2004 in a specific context. It took me some time to adjust. I left Nantes, a very family club, for PSG another, very different one. We had arrived with Mario Yepes without being well received by the players. The adjustment period had therefore been difficult. There was some jealousy in the group. This had not made our adjustment any easier. I arched my back. I hung up. I also got a lot of criticism. When I arrived, we obviously didn’t talk about the Qataris. But I still changed galaxy. There was a big gap in terms of pressure and demands compared to my previous clubs.

Armand is still very attached to PSG

What have you learned from your years in Paris between 2004 and 2013?

I have absolutely no regrets about my time at PSG. I maintain an attachment to this club because I lived extraordinary moments in the city, in the club and in my family life. I learned a lot. I’ve had almost only good times. The “slightly less good” are also part of a career. Speaking at the moment about PSG and the Qataris, it is a very big club, in another dimension compared to France, it is also easier to get results by being judged on a daily basis than in a League Champions.

But before you really had to struggle, constantly question yourself, move forward, face criticism, manage the displeasure of followers. That’s the rule of the game. Despite all that we had to be European every season, to win titles I was lucky enough to win a few. In the league, it hasn’t always been easy. But all these years have made my mind because we are going through complicated times. Even in the negative I learned positive things.

Champion of France with Nantes in 2001, what did this new title with PSG represent in 2013?

It is completely different. Both are close to my heart. Not all footballers are lucky enough to win these titles. Player, so I won two and even another one as leader of LOSC (in 2021, editor’s note). The first one with Nantes was acquired at the start of my career. I still have a lot of love for this club. It looked easy. At that time, when I was young, I won and I had known the French team (hope, ed. note). The second title was won after many years of loyal service. We had to hang on mentally and physically. But this title at PSG I wanted more than anything else. He was the one I missed after winning the Coupe de France (2006, 2010 editor’s note) and the Coupe de la Ligue (2008, editor’s note).

“PSG will still fly above the championship”

Currently stationed at Lille, wouldn’t you have wanted to become manager of PSG?

Of course, like in Nantes, a club that I am also very attached to. After that, we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Working again for a club that we’ve won things with remains in the back of our minds. I was lucky to finish my career in Rennes. It did not necessarily end well with the coach, Christian Gourcuff. I changed to a retraining and I was able to pass diplomas. Staying in the world of football. Because in this universe we are quickly forgotten. Whether we had a small, medium or large career. Then there is Olivier Létang, who has taught me a lot, who has strengthened me in a position that I really like.

What to expect from this PSG when the World Cup is over?

This team will still fly over the championship. It consists of very big players, including a front three who are phenomenal. Ball players, with perfect technique and who walk fast. But when they are a little less in the legs, as we saw against Juventus in the last 20 minutes, they are put in a little more trouble.

PSG will be champions and will be judged on the European stage when the big shocks come in March. Today, the players are at their peak because a World Cup is coming up. This is the priority goal for most of them. The post-World Cup will be lived according to the injured, the disfigured, the disappointed, the happy. This must be taken into account in the second half of the season.

Armand is still in contact with Ancelotti

Does it surprise you that you still haven’t seen PSG win the Champions League?

No, it doesn’t shock me. When you see Madrid, Manchester, Milan… who have won a lot but have been structured for so long. They are big and so much bigger than PSG. Compared to them, Paris arrived late on the European scene. The club was to be built gradually. But if Carlo Ancelotti had continued to manage this team, the club would have already won the European Cup.

I have a lot of love for this man. I keep in touch with him. I hear from him and he always responds to my messages with great kindness. This character was much loved by his players. He was gone after the title in 2013. Many players did not want him to go. It had been a decision on his part to leave the club. It doesn’t surprise me to have seen Ancelotti win wherever he went.

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