The used car market continues to decline in September 2022

In September, the second-hand market is again in the red, and not just a little bit: 15% decrease compared to September 2021. During the current year as a whole, the possibility of selling used cars is at half a pole. Prices are inevitably rising.

The months follow each other and look similar in 2022 for the used car market, which continues to lose ground. In France, this was confirmed again in September, with a 15.4% drop to 415,025 sales. A total of 3,889,819 used cars were sold between January and September. It is 14.3% less than in 2021 and 9.6% than in 2020. Last year the situation was atypical, as after a year of almost total confinement the market was full of cars to be sold. Except, in the meantime, the shortage of components has weakened the new market… and used car inventories. The hundreds of thousands of cars not produced by factories are just as many fewer cars at dealerships, at specialist dealers and on online platforms. And it is enough to read the interview with Luca de Meo (Renault) and Carlos Tavares (Stellantis) to realize that we do not seem to have left the inn: supply problems, especially in semiconductors, may last until the end of 2023.

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A problematic situation

Direct consequence of the drop in supply: soaring prices© Renault UK

The direct consequence of the significant decline in the used vehicle market is the reversal of the trend of the famous “used vehicle/new vehicle” ratio. It had followed an upward curve to exceed the value of 3 in pre-Covid, but since then volatility and inventory problems have caused this ratio to fall to 2.94, with 1.11 million new vehicles sold between January and September. .Not published. A factor reduction actually explains that the drop in activity on the new market is proportionately less significant than the drop in used car sales.

And as in any market, the value regulates itself. Supply and demand make and break prices, and figures from Autoscout24 prove it. Between May and September, the average price of used vehicles rose to around €29,000. If this figure seems huge to you, be aware that it does not illustrate the real price of transactions in France, but simply the “average price of ads” found on Autoscout24, where there are a large number of “premium” ads. prices. Important nuance. But if we can’t rely too much on the absolute value, the progression curve is nevertheless quite interpretable and impressive…

The best selling used brands

Without a large network, Dacia is gaining a lot of used market share
Without a large network, Dacia is gaining a lot of used market share© Dacia

Not surprisingly, the three best-selling brands in France in September 2022 are French. But it is rather amusing to see that Dacia, which is the individual’s favorite brand, is quite high in the ranking. But don’t rely too much on this almost disappointing position: Dacia is the only brand with Toyota or Hyundai to see its used market share increase significantly between September 2021 and September 2022.

The decline in the new domestic market has other consequences for used cars: it is the 16 and over age group that is in good shape in September with a 22% market share! This is clearly to the detriment of recently used vehicles less than a year old, whose sales are in free fall (-37.69%). This should have consequences for the age of the French fleet.

Sale of used cars in September 2022 in France

Feel VO Sale (September 22) Market share Change in sales (compared to September 2021)
FeelRenault VO Sale (September 22)68,552 Market share16.52% Change in sales (compared to September 2021)– 17%
FeelPeugeot VO Sale (September 22)63,899 Market share15.40% Change in sales (compared to September 2021)– 17%
FeelCitroën VO Sale (September 22)40,890 Market share9.85% Change in sales (compared to September 2021)– 18%
Feelvolkswagen VO Sale (September 22)27,568 Market share6.64% Change in sales (compared to September 2021)– 19%
FeelBMW VO Sale (September 22)15,244 Market share3.67% Change in sales (compared to September 2021)– 13%
FeelAudi VO Sale (September 22)15,184 Market share3.66% Change in sales (compared to September 2021)– 16%
Feelmercedes VO Sale (September 22)14,122 Market share3.41% Change in sales (compared to September 2021)– 14%
FeelFord VO Sale (September 22)12,304 Market share2.96% Change in sales (compared to September 2021)– 21%
FeelToyota VO Sale (September 22)11,791 Market share2.84% Change in sales (compared to September 2021)– 14%
FeelVauxhall VO Sale (September 22)10,397 Market share2.51% Change in sales (compared to September 2021)– 22%
FeelDacia VO Sale (September 22)10,151 Market share2.45% Change in sales (compared to September 2021)– 6%

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