partitions to enlarge your personal or professional spaces made in Montpellier

This Monday morning, at France Bleu Hérault, in the new eco, we received two young entrepreneurs, two architects who put together their passion for the beauty of natural spaces to create wooden partitions, perforated for your interior spaces. The startup is called Unikiwi.

Marie Perez and Jean-Pascal Richard, the creators of Unikiwi, were the guests from France

How did you come up with the idea of ​​getting into wood partitions?

We are trained architects. And that’s what we decided create furniture organic with natural materials. And what we really like is to imitate nature’s forms and reproduce them in design. We have created our own 3D digital tools to be able to design and manufacture special parts.

Can you give us concrete examples of people who need these partitions?

There are all scenarios. Sometimes it is with the advent of working from home, people who had need to separate their workplace with their living space. So at that point, the modular room divider fulfills both aesthetic and functional needs. Sometimes it is also for open spaces in offices. We know that these spaces are noisy, that there are many activities, a lot of entertainment and the screens allow you to fulfill the visual protection function of a screen. They are computer generated and respond to the needs of each individual room.

You say they are perforated, does that mean you want to keep the light?

Exactly. The idea is to have transparency which passes, which circulates and to have a play of shadow and light. It is not to isolate oneself from the light, but rather to magnify it.

In addition to separating rooms, it is also a design product. Are you attached to the aesthetics of your product?

Yes. We are very attached to creating beauty and above all being inspired by the elements of nature and really having this feeling of find nature in your space.
And for us, beauty is not only visual, it is also the sense of touch and smell. We know that people are very happy to smell a little wood when they have installed a screen at home.

These partitions are made of wood, where are they made? And where does the wood come from?

we work with suppliers who are locally rooted. Unfortunately, the wood is not always French today, but it comes from sustainably managed forests. We pay particular attention to that. And in terms of the manufacturing itself, we work with partners that are around Montpellier to really stay on the local scale.

How does it work concretely when you are a customer?

When you are a customer and need a room divider, just go to our website or contact us directly and enter the dimensions, i.e. height and length, and automatically generate its custom space separator.

What feedback do you get from your customers on these partitions?

They are always very happy to tell us thatthey created the surprise when they invited people to their homes. And they are happy to have invited naturalness into their everyday space.

Are these partitions easy to assemble? Are you the one riding them or does everyone have to do it alone?

So we offer two options. The first is actually the partition, so with a very simple system of notches and a screw system, where the complete kit is supplied. And we also suggest assembling the fence at our workshop because some prefer to have it already assembled.

The assembly is very easy. You can even find videos on the internet to show you how to install it. It takes less than fifteen minutes.

How much does it cost ?

For a claustra of 80 cm by 2.50 meters high, which are the standard heights for a house, e.g. we are around 1,200 euros

This is your flagship product. But what else do you do?

We create reception desks, wall seats, benches, room dividers. We can meet all needs.

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