like an S22 Ultra but affordable

Obviously, the distances need to be bridged, but it seems that the design lines of the Galaxy S22 Ultra will also extend to Samsung’s lower price range.

It seems that the guys at Samsung will continue to shape the future of their galaxy of smartphones very soon, even before the end of a 2022 financial year for which they have already sold the fish, but thus leaving us the good surprises of some Galaxy S23 they are already taking a look at, and luckily they will see how the screen of a successor flagship will be flattened.

Anyway, we’re here to talk about bestsellers, and we already know that the best-selling mobile phones aren’t among the best in the business, so Samsung is also showing us in advance a hypothetical Galaxy A14 (2023), which inherits design lines of the S22 Ultra, allowing the South Korean giant to renew a basic cut essential to increasing its market share globally.

Samsung Galaxy A14 2023

The design lines of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra extend to the lowest price in the galaxy.

Thus, as presented to us a few hours ago by the colleagues from GizNext, the new entry level of the Samsung Galaxy will have a recognizable design with very clean lines and a back where its three cameras positioned vertically stand out in independent circles, without big bumps or heights to highlight unimportant mobile photography in this price range.

The obvious differences between a flagship phone and a basic phone are noticeable, since the design is the same, will not prevent the materials in this case being plastic, and the front has a design with a “U”-shaped notch », quite small, but which breaks harmony in the central part of the upper frame.

This will be the most positive surprise of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Yes, compared to the current Galaxy A13, some improvements are worth noting, such as the optimization of the edges of the screen or the finer construction that simplifies the range of cameras, going from 4 to 3, which certainly makes it a dead end for some of the testimonial sensors , or depth or macro, which usually arrive with 5 or 2 megapixels and indispensable functions.

For its part, the fingerprint reader will remain on the side, in the position that suits me best, as long as it is not integrated into the screen, while the connection is also resumed with a USB type-C and 3.5 millimeter audio jack. for headphones that are already only in the low ranges.

This is what the future Galaxy A14 will look like, the renewal of Samsung’s most affordable mobile

As for the hardware, the sources did not reveal too many details, although the screen should be an Infinity-U IPS LCD type with 6.8 inches and FHD+ resolution, as we said in a more optimized size of just 167.7 x 78, 7 x 9.3 millimeters.

Neither the chipset nor the capacity of a battery is known, which will certainly be generous, since this type of terminal always requires above-average autonomy to convince its potential users, who are not particularly demanding, but who want the device to stand without supervision as long as possible. In fact, the Galaxy A13 it replaces already had 5,000 mAh.

Memory is expected to start from 4GB of RAM, the previous model had a base of 3GB, with expandable storage via microSD that would start from 32 or 64GB.

Let’s see if Samsung is atreve con la connectivité 5G para empezar and democratizarla, aunque para ello tendermos que esperar al anuncio oficial por parte del giante surcoreano, que en este case will occur in qualquier momento and una note de prensa previ sin anuncioos. . We will pay attention!

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