Higher Education: The Galileo Galaxy

After two years marked by the health crisis, students at the Galileo Global Education campus in Bordeaux, at Bassins à flot, have just experienced returning to school with all smiles, without masks and 100% face to face. The first European higher education group present in 13 countries and the first group of private schools in France, Galileo Global Education has woven its web in the Bordeaux region since the acquisition of Studialis in 2015.

“We have gone from 3 schools and 800 students at the Bissy Campus (Mérignac) in 2014 to 9 schools and almost 3,300 students in 2022”, proudly announces Yvan Perriere, Managing Director of Galileo Bordeau x, who dedicated this back to the school in 2022 its ninth institution. Next to ESG Business School, Digital Campus, BTS level school ESARC Evolution, Higher Institute of Applied Arts LISAA, Cours Florent (at Prince Noir castle in Lormont), ESG Sport (at Matmut Atlantique Stadium), Culinary Institute of France (rue de la Faïencerie) and ESG Immobilier, IFAS (Nursing Assistant Training Institute) Saint-Antoine-Eva Santé has thus opened its barrier gates in Pessac in September.

We have gone from 3 schools and 800 students at the Bissy Campus (Mérignac) in 2014 to 9 schools and almost 3,300 students


Born from the grouping of private schools with creative and business tasks, Galileo Global Education now has around 60 brands such as the Paris School of Business, the Marangoni Institute, the ITM make-up school or the Free Conservatory of French Cinema (CLCF) , and more than 170,000 students worldwide.

The group has developed by bringing together schools created around the verticalities of the professions

“The group has grown by bringing together schools created on vertical industries, with the idea of ​​providing students with interdisciplinary skills via bridges between schools, between themes”, explains Yvan Perriere. The goal is to train students who will be able to collaborate with the various departments in an organization. Thus, in this logic of interdisciplinary education, Bordeaux students in real estate (ESG) can benefit from courses in interior architecture (LISAA), management students (ESG) from comedy courses (Cours Florent) to learn public speaking, students in gastronomy (Culinary) Institute of France) of management courses (ESG) for their future shop…


“Our educational dynamic is completely business-oriented”, sums up Yvan Perriere. State-certified and highly operational, the Galileo Bordeaux group’s training courses involve “learning by doing, flipped pedagogy, project-based pedagogy or even e-learning”, and honor learning for two thirds of students and up to 80% at ESG. With the key “an employability of 75% for young people who leave master 2 directly employed in the company where they were on a work study program and 90% even before the end of the test”, assures the director of the campus. … The Galileo Global Education group’s raison d’être is indeed to “respond to employment issues in a territory. My job is simple: I listen to the needs of the market. Either it’s in the catalog and we put it in place, or we build it together with the ecosystem”, describes Yvan Perriere, who assures that “to be in great demand by local actors” to respond to the shortcomings that currently exist in many sectors. To achieve this, it collaborates with institutional actors such as consular chambers, Pôle Emploi branches, Maisons de l’emploi, etc. and has established partnerships with almost 1,700 Gironde companies.


The opening of the Eva Santé school is thus the result of the collaboration with the ARS of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and the Ministry of Health. That of ESG Sport in 2020 aimed to meet “the professionalization of the sector and the significant needs generated by upcoming events such as the Rugby World Cup in 2023 and the Paris Olympics in 2024”. The creation two years ago of the French culinary institute around the sweet art, under the high patronage of Pierre Hermé, as well as the two professional degrees in table service and culinary arts, launched this year in collaboration with the University of Cergy (Ile-de ) -France) have as their vocation to promote French gastronomy and know-how internationally… while meeting the needs of “the city with the highest rate of restaurants per capita”. This is also why the Digital Campus will soon offer classes in data, web development, UX and UI design, artificial intelligence; and that Galileo collaborates with audit firms, accounting firms, large groups, SMEs, self-employed, to place its students in accounting, finance, banking, asset management consulting, in great shortage in Bordeaux.

Partnerships have been established with almost 1,700 Girondin companies


In order to reach the target groups for its training, Galileo Global Education has invested heavily in digital tools and means of communication. “That is the strength of the group. This allows us to have the opportunity to drain and evangelize with upstream audiences (at high schools and colleges) in the right areas,” says Yvan Perriere. For him, Galileo and its schools have “a real societal role” to play, “by promoting certain subjects that were no longer such, such as medicine or finance, by restoring their letters of nobility to manual subjects, but also by making education accessible for everyone through the introduction of apprenticeship”. And it works: Galileo Bordeaux registered almost 25,000 applications in 2022 for 3,300 places in its schools. “I am very proud of what we have achieved in the Bordeaux region: we bring people who is perfectly trained in companies that could not find a candidate… We are matchmakers! » welcomes Yvan Perriere.

Yvan Perriere ©DR



He comes from the business world, where he held positions in HR, business, accounting, strategy… Yvan Perriere “recruited many people. I have often spoken against schools that do not make their students operational to work in companies. Therefore, I would change the software! “, confides this son of teachers who studied in Bordeaux and had” many ties in this area that I wanted to give back what he had given me “. He joined Studialis in 2014 and is director of Galileo Global Education Bordeaux, whose Bassins à flot campus employs around a hundred people.

BUDGET OF 1.5 billion euros

A simple holding company before the apprenticeship reform, Galileo Global Education is today a real group that the French state wanted to “reinforce and preserve”. In 2020, he thus became a major shareholder in the French nugget via Bpifrance (10%) together with Thétys (40%), the investment fund of the Bettencourt-Meyers family (owner of L’Oréal), Montagu or even the National Pension Fund of Canada (40% ). “A whole pool of long-term investors who have trusted the educational project of Marc-François Mignot-Mahon, CEO of Galileo, which consists in creating endless training courses by working in a logic of transversal and international. It is simply extraordinary,” says Yvan Perriere. Galileo Global Education, which in February 2022 revealed a budget of 1.5 billion euros over 2 years to finance its investments and the opening of schools in France and around the world, announced in September its entry into the capital in ‘EMLyon. This is enough to predict the arrival of new companies in Bordeaux. Where “there is still a lot to do”, confirms Yvan Perriere.

The group allows us to drain and evangelize with upstream audiences in the right territories


The health crisis is not over on the university campuses, on the contrary. Pedagogical innovation, collaboration, digital tools… To meet the new needs of schools and their students, many of them are investing in their campuses. At Bassins à flot, Galileo Global Education has thus carried out the development of modular rooms, work boxes and invested in digital tools, “in a logic of workstation virtualization”, explains its general manager, Yvan Perriere. The private group Eduservices, which includes Iscom, MBway, Pigier, Tunon, Mydigitalschool and Win in Bordeaux, has just inaugurated a brand new campus at the foot of the stone bridge. Almost 1,200 students returned to the school in 2022 in more than 3,500 m2 renovated basements “with i.a. a laboratory of creation, an atrium for conferences, coworking spaces, etc.,” explained Guillaume Petit, Director of ISCOM Bordeaux on Linkedin. Also on the right bank, the ESSCA School of Management campus should open its doors at the start of the 2023 academic year, leaving the Basins afloat to invest the 5,000 m2 of the Niel barracks.

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