He runs a red light, drives at high speed in Le Havre: a 17-year-old young man kills himself

A police investigation is underway to establish the circumstances surrounding the accident. The tragedy took place on Sunday 2 October 2022 between 11.30pm and midnight rue d’Étretat in Le Havre. A 17-year-old boy, alone in a car, drove into parked cars. He died on the spot. His mother is appealing for witnesses.

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What happened between 11.30pm and midnight on Sunday 2 October 2022? Karine, mother of a 17-year-old who died in an accident at the corner of rue d’Étretat and rue Jules-Avril, keeps asking herself the question. “It won’t bring him back. But I want to understand, she explains. She’s trying to figure it out “if the police were after his son”. She is calling for witnesses on Facebook.

His 17-year-old son died alone at the wheel of a car, a Citroën C2. “People heard a huge noise”, says the mother, not understanding what her son was doing there. “I didn’t sleep, my son usually comes home before midnight. He never comes home so late that he should have passed his matriculation exam at the Schuman-Perret high school. I kept calling him, he didn’t answer me. I had him early in the evening, he was with friends at the fair [Saint-Michel, NDLR]. He would then have gone to Sainte-Adresse. We live in Sanvic, it shouldn’t have been rue d’Étretat and I don’t know who this car belonged to, explains the mother. He drove with me in escorted driving, he was always very careful. »

It was the police who came to ring her doorbell after the accident and told her the news.

Several vehicles were hit

According to the police, a patrol would have seen a vehicle traveling at high speed and running a red light on rue Cochet. She reported the number plate to the police station and then drove in the same direction. On arrival at rue d’Étretat, the patrol found that three parked vehicles had been hit, a fourth was in an accident. The young man was lying on the ground. A doctor and a nurse gave him first aid. Admittedly, neighbors heard the shock and came downstairs, the police said. The firefighters and Samu, who arrived at the scene, took over but were unable to revive the high school student. The time was 12:20.

The neighborhood in revolt

Accidents happen regularly in this district on the axes rue d’Étretat, rue Guillemard – the Rues d’Étretat and Guillemard collective is asking the city for improvements – but rarely on this scale. On Monday morning, some residents saw the scars from the accident. Sand was deposited on the road. Calls have been made on social networks by the mother’s friends so that she can understand what happened. A local resident responded Monday morning.

“When I stood at the window, I saw the police, who are already there. The car drove into two other parked cars before ending its course meters away. The driver was lying on the ground on the road, people gave him first aid, they quickly started giving him CPR. The firefighters arrived very quickly, followed by Samu, and there they tried to save him for an hour, if not more, doing CPR (…) The rescuers struggled to save him”. details about a user.

The police investigation is ongoing. The young man’s mother, Karine, is calling for witnesses on Facebook: you can contact her via her profile, Karine De Lh.

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