Euros. In Vernon, mechanics are not convinced by the electric car: “It’s just a lure”

Christian Mazure, manager of the Pacific garage in Vernon (Eure). ©The Vernon Democrat

Christian Mazure is manager of Pacific garage i Vernon (Eure). For him is electric car is just a decoy. Here are his arguments:

In your opinion, the electric car is not as green as it is claimed to be?

Contrary to what some would have us believe, is electric car is just a decoy. It is neither green nor economical profitable, but no one dares to tell the truth. For example, when I am told that an electric car reduces greenhouse gas, I smile a little. You must integrate production and Recycling. Just to make a single battery, it requires large larvae filled with water. fuel and at diesel stir up more than 200 tons of rock in distant lands to mine rare metals. And there we realize that an electric car generates as much or even more carbon than a thermomobile. We just moved pollution. Not to mention that to produce it, we need 40% less labor and when we have 5 million unemployed in France this raises the question from an economic point of view.

“Where should the batteries be recycled?” »

What about recycling?

It is claimed that the life of the batteries is 10 or 15 years, but no one talks about recycling: where should they be recycled and at what cost? Will we continue to export our waste to developing countries? In it The 70sremember, many contested atomic. Today, everything seems to be forgotten: we are told that nuclear power does not pollute. Right now maybe, but are we thinking about future generations? Who will recycle uranium and where? If we bury it 300 m underground, instead of the air, it is the soil that we want to pollute.

Charging station problem

And in use?

You should already know that in order to offset the CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions from the manufacture of batteries, the electric car must drive 80,000 km before its balance is positive in terms of pollution compared to a thermomobile. And you need to find a charging station: to top up this summer at motorway service areas, you had to wait an hour and a half. And although we may not be able to heat our cottages this winter, due to the lack of electricity, the government is continuing in this direction. But how do we recharge them? And at what price? If it wasn’t expensive at first, a recent comparison showed that the price of electricity exceeded 70 euros to go from Paris to Saint-Malo. With a diesel or ethanol car it would have been much cheaper.

Dwindling resources

Like Christian Mazure, mechanics in Vernon seem unconvinced by the advent of the electric car. How should we change the entire car fleet when we have problems producing electricity? “Ask Olivier Gauffre, manager of the SGA Bosch garage in Vernon.
For him, the production of electricity with the crisis in the nuclear sector and the emergence of renewable energy will not be able to meet the growing demand faced by the emergence of electric cars.
However, he admits that the maintenance of an electric vehicle is no more complicated than on a thermal vehicle. Furthermore, he raises an important point: extraction of rare earth species.
In order to search for the metals used in the batteries of electric cars, it is necessary to extract more than a thousand m3 of soil for a rather small amount. This resource is dwindling as we already use it in batteries for our household appliances, our smartphones… So imagine for the entire French car fleet! “, he worries.
In addition, the mechanic remembers what had been put in place to favor diesel engines over gasoline, which is considered more polluting. “Finally, 10 years later, we were told that diesel is more polluting than petrol”. According to him, it is better not to generalize and choose a car, whether it is electric, gasoline or diesel, depending on its use.

And these costs, according to you, should increase further…

Not only are electric cars much more expensive to buy, but their use is becoming less and less profitable. At the moment you are probably 70% petrol taxes. But tomorrow, if everyone goes electric, the French state will have to postpone its electricity taxes. He will be able to do this thanks to the Linky meter, which is programmed to distinguish between domestic consumption and recharging for the car: when you recharge your battery at home, it will register it and you will be taxed…

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