which characters from the Star Wars universe will we find in the series?

Every Wednesday since September 21, Disney + offers its subscribers to follow Cassian Andor’s journey before his meeting with Jy Erso and his sacrifice to destroy the Death Star in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Tone, setting, atmosphere… Andor, the fourth series derived from Georges Lucas’s Intergalactic, differs from the previous ones in its darkness and complexity. But gladly The Mandalorian Where Obi-Wan Kenobi, it summons some iconic Star Wars characters while introducing new (anti)heroes. A brief overview of the troops.

Cassian Andor – Diego Luna

Star Wars fans discovered this character in Rogue One: a Star War Story. As a member of the Rebellion, Andor managed to intercept the Death Star’s plans on Scarif at the cost of his own life. In the Andor series, set five years earlier, Diego Luna reprises his eponymous role and plays the hero as he tries to survive the seedy streets of Ferrix. Pursued for killing members of the Imperial Police, he will be led to join the Rebel Alliance.

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Mon Mothma – Genevieve O’Reilly

The senator, architect of the rebellion and future leader of the Rebel Alliance, first appeared in Return of the Jedi as actress Caroline Blackliston. Actress Geneviève O’Reilly reprized her role in Revenge of the Siths to embody Mon Mothma’s Senate debut alongside Padmée Organa, then and in Rogue One. We find her in Andor, where she works as a double agent!

Saw Gerrera – Forest Whitaker

It was in Rogue that fans met Saw Gerrera, the leader of an extremist rebel cell rejected by the Alliance, played by Forest Whitaker. The actor, who is no longer featured, has donned his costume as a charismatic leader in Andor as Saw Gerrera teams up with Mon Mothma and Luthen Raël to lay the groundwork for the rebellion.

Luthen Rael – Stellan Skarsgård

New to the Star Wars galaxy, Luthen Raël is officially a collector but also a buyer of Blix’s famous black marker. In reality, he travels the galaxy recruiting people to support his cause: fighting the Empire. It is through him that Andor joins the alliance! He is embodied by the Swedish star Stellan Skarsgard, who is already seen in particular in Dune and Pirates of the Caribbean, among others.

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Bix Callen – Adria Ajorna

Bix is ​​also a new heroine in the Star Wars universe. This mechanic, who does not disdain hanging out with smugglers, is Andor’s most loyal friend. It is she who introduces him to Luthen Raël. She is played by Puerto Rican comedian Adria Arjona, who has starred in True Detective and Good Omens.

Maarva – Fiona Shaw

The interpretation of Petunia in Harry Potter enters the camp of the good guys! The British actress, whom Killing Eve fans also appreciated in the role of Carolyn Martens, joins the Star Wars galaxy in the skin of Maarva, adoptive mother of Andor. She picked it up as a child digging through the rubble after the battle

Syril Kaarn – Kyle Soller

Syril Kaarn is one of the newest antagonists in Star Wars. This zealous Imperial officer refuses to let the crime of two policemen go unpunished and is determined to pursue him. But if he doesn’t lack ambition or a certain fairness, he struggles to motivate his men. It’s Kyle Soller, aka Francis Poldark in Poldark, who lends his features to this ambiguous character!

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If K-250, Cassian’s refurbished droid in Rogue One, isn’t yet part of Andor’s landscape (but may appear in Season 2), the rebel can count on another faithful mechanical companion. Absolutely cracking. B2EMO is a helper droid with a weak point but an unwavering loyalty…

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