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In Star Citizen, few systems in the UEE inspire as much emotion as Garron. Even after two centuries, the consequences of events on Garron II still enlivening the spirits of the population. For many, the system remains one freeze warning about the horrors that limitless human greed can bring. It is also where the triggering element arose that took humanity out of the suppression of Messeren.


IN 2784the discovery of the system boy of explorers inUEE was already an important event in itself. During the performance of their reconnaissance, scientists and researchers mainly focused on the only planet located in the thin “green zone” the G-type dwarf star (as a reminder, the “green zone” corresponds to the zone around a star where a planet may have the ideal conditions to be habitable). The discovery of the presence of extraterrestrial life on this planet was met with great enthusiasm. Although many systems have been explored by humanity to date with discoveries of animals and ruins of precursor civilizations, no system has been exhibited an intelligent life form who have not yet learned to travel in space. The government had thus never faced this situation and had not prepared for such an eventuality.

the emperor, Linton Messer XI, rebroadcast the videos of this extraterrestrial life throughout the galaxy by stating the will to educate these natives. The slogan “We Will Be Gods” (“We will be gods”) was the basis of his speech in 2785. A team of the greatest scientists of the time was assembled under the leadership of the anthropologist and the linguist, Dr. Michael Shiherlis. From an orbital platform above Garron IIthe team’s mission was not only to study the species, but also to make contact with, ultimately, itraise technologically.

Over the next five years, sheherlis and his team worked tirelessly to observe the creatures and decipher their language while remaining hidden from this civilization. But the Emperor ended up getting tired of this scientific approach, especially when statements from Garron II reported significant deposits of natural resources. The prospect of growing a civilization was highly competitive with the planet’s potential economic gains.

The emperor then consulted terraforming and mining companies to prepare the operation of Garron II. Many geologists moved into orbit around the planet to conduct analyses. Shiherlis soon discovered what was going on and pleaded with Linton Messer to reconsider his decision.

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The arrival ofEllis Netemi, the cousin and chief adviser of Linton Messer, dashed all hope of the scientist. Ellis ignored the quarantine and directed in person a visit to the surface of the planet. He presented the landscapes to representatives of various companies with the aim of triggering a one-upmanship war between them, in full view of the indigenous populations. sheherlisHorrified to see this innocent civilization being invaded, he decided topostpone the situation of all humanity. Unfortunately, Shiherlis was betrayed by one of his close associates who feared that the Emperor’s wrath would be passed on to the entire team of scientists. Michael Shiherlis was declared “Enemy of the Empire” and was imprisoned in Orville Prison on Charon III without trial.

With Shiherlis out of the way and the rest of his team subdued by fear, Netemia been able to sell the mining rights to the highest bidder and the terraforming of the planet was finally allowed. No one ever really knew what was going on in his head Linton Messer XI, in this moment. Had he completely forgotten his promise to the people to leave Garron’s Civilization ? Or had he considered that the people were completely subject to his regime because they were unaware of his change of attitude? However, the population was fascinated by the prospect of helping this primitive civilization. Thus when movement activists “The Tides” shared a video showing the destruction and annihilation of all life on Garron after terraforming, the scandal was huge. Many attribute this event as the trigger of the revolution it followed, and the fall of the Fairs.

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In Star Citizen, Garron II was a lush planet reduced to a wasteland by human greed. This tragedy is the origin of the UEE policy regarding the protection of biodiversity in the universe, as well as certain plans for the future.

After the regime change, the public was still traumatized by the drama of Garron II. The new emperor Erin Toi was primarily busy introducing new laws to protect checks and balances to prevent a new autocratic system from taking hold in the future.

However, aware of the vexing issue of protecting the indigenous populations of the discovered planets, the Senate established Fair Chance Act and immediately placed the system Osiris under his protection. Questions remained about Garron II’s future… The Senate commissioned a team to try restore the ecosystem in Garron II to its original state. For this, they collected data from the original project and recruited former members of the Shiherlis team. They even tried to recruit the doctor even after releasing him from Charon III’s prison. He refused after years of ill-treatment during his imprisonment.

The company Rayari Inc., a high-tech company, offered to use their advanced tools to rebuild Garron II and its biosphere. Emperor Toi put Garron II under the Fair Chance Act to ensure its protection.

The decisions made in this system had consequences for the decades that followed. Emperor Salehi in particular cited these events, a century later, as the inspiration for the creation of the Synthworld project. To this day, Garron remains an important site for the scientific community. Despite the absence of an inhabited planet, traffic and trade are relatively important as the system switches between systems Idris and banshee. Surprisingly, it is his jumping off point with Bacchus that allows the Garron system to generate income. The system sees millions of travelers pass each year, excited to visit Bacchus. The system has therefore become one of the main points to visit Banu.

WARNING TO TRAVELERS: Visitors to Garron should keep informed of the extraordinary measures in place to avoid further disruption to the system. In particular, there are significant fines for throwing waste in nature. Please dispose of your waste in the designated places.

Garron and his stars in Starmap - Star Citizen
Garron and his stars in Starmap


Garron I

Orbiting close to its star, the planet Garron I has on its surface covered in lava.

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Garron II

This rocky planet was home to a particularly diverse ecosystem and equally rich living species. The fairs wiped out all native life by changing the atmosphere. Since then, terraforming companies and scientists have collaborated to restore the original state of the planet. Although they failed to repopulate the original creatures; the flora is in full bloomlargely thanks to the many analyzes carried out by Dr. Shirherlis and his team at the time. Despite the absence of any form of life, this planet was placed below Fair Chance Act.

  • OB Rather: The former observation station of Dr. Shiherlis allowed him and his team to find methods to breed Garron II’s species. From now on, the station serves as a base of operations for scientific teams with the aim of reconstruct the original atmosphere of Garron II. It is also hosted by terraforming history museum and Fair Chance Act.
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Garon III

This massive rock plane is on the edge of the system’s ice limit, beyond which the planets have extremely low temperatures. After extensive research, no sign of life was found on its surface and therefore was the planet allowed to be extracted to support the effort on Garron II.

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Garron IV

This rocky planet is furthest from the system. L’UEE built a monument on the surface “The Sentinels” as a symbol of their commitment to protecting evolving species throughout the galaxy.

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Jumping points









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System potential

Foreword: The potential studies below were conducted by making assumptions about the gameplay of the various professions. They are therefore specific to Millenium and do not necessarily reflect CIG’s thinking. The analysis was made by weighting the influence of each of the elements present in the system (specificity of the planets, asteroids, gas giant, emblematic place, etc.) and its position in the galaxy. The level of appreciation of each potential is assessed against the mean and standard deviation of the results for all the systems. Therefore, the results are relative between all systems and not absolute.

System potential

Market potential – Common

Garron Observation Centers require supply and therefore some business can be done in the system.

Resource potential – Common

Garron III is available for mining, but the proceeds must benefit Garron. Therefore, the sales points for your ore will undoubtedly be limited.

Potential exploration – explored

The Garron system appears to have been well explored after all its years, and there is no indication of possible new discoveries.

Research potential – Excellent

The latest advances in artificial ecosystem design are studied at the research station OB Heller.

Tourism potential – common

Although the planet Garron II is not accessible, tourists come to visit the historical sites of Garron: the museum on Ob Heller station and the memorial on Garron IV.

Hazard – Common

Garron is relatively safe; yet it remains on the border of the Empire, and incursions there may always be feared.



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