our doctors travel by the hundreds to Europe! Who lends to the other.

Saed la Rabta: hundreds of our doctors travel to Europe! Who lends to the other?

President of the Republic, Kais Said went on October 1, 2022 to Hôpital La Rabta. He lamented the condition of the buildings and stressed the need to intervene as soon as possible to remedy it. The Head of State mentioned the strengthening of the security system around the establishment due to criminal and dangerous night activities that occur there. He claimed that several people went there to consume alcohol. the director of the hospital, Hafedh Dakhlaouiexplained the President of the Republic that he intended to install surveillance cameras. However, this did not satisfy Kai Said who believed that it was necessary to multiply the police patrols.

In a video published by the Presidency of the Republic on the same date, the head of state mentioned the lack of material and logistical resources. He also insisted on fighting corruption in government health institutions and upgrading hospitals. We must put an end to the scourge affecting the health sector… The right to health is a human right… We must supervise and care in the same way as in private clinics and hospitals… No to the death of the poor and the treatment of them with money “, she said. A phrase that the director of the hospital on answered:Oh yes! By the grace of God… I noticed that there was a sense of belonging to the establishment “.

The President of the Republic visited the cardiology department, where he spoke with the professor and president of the hospital’s medical committee, Mohamed Sami Mourali. The latter confirmed to the President of the Republic that the mobilization of resources will make it possible to avoid the departure of doctors abroad and guarantee an adequate treatment of patients. The doctor explained that state funds made it possible to set up a follow-up room. Back to a report on doctors’ departure abroad, Mourali believed that the documentary did not show the citizens who were attached to Tunisia and did not seek to leave the territory.

Our doctors travel to Europe by the hundreds. Wondering who lends to the other? We lend you Where do you lend us money? Training doctors and specialists costs money. At the end of the day, you are hiring the cream of the crop, whether it is for the medical sector or for other… Those who arrived in 1962 and 1963 were the pioneers… They believed in public facilities… They were all leaders… They were all settled in France and married to French women… They came back… The state must guarantee the conditions for a dignified life said the head of state.

The President of the Republic also visited the amphitheater located inside the hospital and used for academic courses. He then visited a part under renovation.Today, pharmacies are built without taking into account the function of this business… We make people wait outside in the rain… Whoever built it is ignorant of the importance of a waiting room… Other people are calling for the establishment of a medical faculty instead of asking for a hospital and doctors…. The medical city of Kairouan has all the necessary structures: hospitals, schools, gardens, playgrounds, houses, a CNAM office! We now need to find the financing required », he added.

Quay Said confirmed that the funds to create the medical city were available. However, some people blocked the process due to internal conflict. He suggested that the latter was devoid of patriotism. He assured that the absence of a real will led to a block of five years while the funds were available.


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