Do you need a little more space in your kitchen? The brand unveils the ideal product for you!

Ikea releases the ideal product to rearrange your favorite room! A really good investment that you won’t regret!

The famous Ikea brand that specializes in furniture is back with new products! After releasing its new collection of warm down jackets to anticipate winter, Ikea is now tackling kitchen tools!

By the way, this device is ideal for people with a rather narrow space. In other words, this famous article can save you space. Without further ado, we give you an appointment in the following lines for all the details!

Ikea, always so generous!

Ikea has in its catalog various products that can be useful to us to facilitate our daily life. Known to be ours best ally, the brand has almost everything you need in its stores. At least as long as it’s furniture! In fact, you will find in its shelves enough to decorate every room in your house.

As we told you, Ikea is our best friend if we are looking for things to decorate our interior. Whether for the living room, bathroom, bedroom or kitchen! Speaking of the latter, the Swedish brand has in its various departments tools which may be useful to you.

In fact, you can find, for example, tea towels, things dedicated to dishes, but also gadgets for cooking. For this occasion, Ikea has just unveiled a fantastic product that will surely interest you. Especially since this one can give you the opportunity to do so save space in this piece!

No need to remind you that the kitchen is one of the most saturated rooms in our house. And we’re not even talking about people who have a kitchenette. It is therefore necessary to find out how to get a little more space. And to do this, Ikea has thought of everything. The new article that the brand recently released could really bring big changes to that!

A must in the kitchen!

For the past few days, Ikea has offered you the benefit of usinga ceramic hob. But not just any! Please note that this particular item can be installed wherever you are. Portable in nature, it greatly contributes to making our everyday life easier! Practical, isn’t it?

With this hob from Ikea, you can prepare your meals anywhere! Ideal for people who are used to traveling! Not only does this appliance save you time, it can also save space in your kitchen. With “27 cm” in width and “6 cm” in height, you can easily store it in your cupboard when you no longer use it. In terms of its weight, this one is only 2.4 kg. This makes its transport less complex!

A shopper at Ikea, this ceramic hob is equipped witha roof and a very long cord! This is a very practical detail because in this way you can connect it on the balcony or in your garden if necessary. Fast, this product will never leave you hungry.

Ikea products also follow the technology! Proof that this kitchen appliance uses the system of induction stove. This means that the heat coming from the plate is transferred directly to the containers you place on it. At the same time, it can make you enjoy perfect cooking!

How much does this induction hob from Ikea cost?

But that’s not all! ONE touch control has been integrated into this plate available from the Ikea brand. This very practical option allows you to adjust the temperature more easily! You therefore do not risk burning your plates under any circumstances. Everything is absolutely under your control. Judging by these many qualities, you will probably think that this product will cost you dearly. But think again! The brand puts it on sale at a very affordable price!

If you want to enjoy the benefits of this Ikea plate, plan to pay the sum of “59 euros”. A price sacrifice compared to the profit you can enjoy. In terms of performance, this device will meet all your expectations. In fact, it has a great power of 2000 watts. So don’t wait long. The product could quickly be sold out.

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