Montceau-les-Mines: at the Espace Culturel Leclerc

Espace Culturel Leclerc offers a dedication meeting with the author, animator of writing workshops Chantal Depoully Serrière, from her latest work: “Héloïse, from one world to another”, Saturday October 1 at 2 p.m.

Once upon a time in Montceau-les-Mines, how do you tell the story of a family?

Her last work, “Héloïse, from one world to another”, (ed, l’Harmattan) deals with the installation of her family (Flebon-Bellat) around 1850, that is, at the birth of Montceau-les-Mines . It is a question throughout the novel of verifying family legends, of thinking about how to tell the stories of our not-so-distant ancestors.

A few words about the author, her works and her latest book, who is Chantal Serrière?

Chantal Depouilly Serrière was born in Montceau-les-Mines to a mother who was a midwife and a father who worked for the mining trust. Professor of literature, facilitator of writing workshops, she is a linguist, doctor of communication sciences. His professional career has taken him around the world. Linguistic attaché, she stayed in Rome, Madagascar, Burundi, Copenhagen, Niger… the list is not exhaustive. But its roots are in Burgundy. Little girl, schoolgirl in Montceau, who extended a family tradition carried entirely by music, composed poems and songs that had earned her several articles in the press. What the school authorities of the time did not always appreciate!
But she remembers with touch certain extraordinary teachers, Madame Ballot, who knew so well how to impart a taste for reading, Madame Bachelard, who was so gentle and encouraging, Mademoiselle Régnier, who directed the Eclaireuses, and the wonderful meetings with the public when as a teenager, she was part of the theater troupe “La Capucine” as well as the reception of Monsieur Parriat at “Amis Réunis”, for which she had composed her song “C’est la fanfare qui parade…”

Chantal Serrière: her latest book?

In her latest book, Héloïse, from one world to another, Chantal Serrière evokes the birth of Montceau-les-Mines and the installation of her family (Bellat-Flebon) in the dusty effervescence of a brand new city. . Its heroine, Héloïse, is precisely Montceau’s age! The shop she kept after her marriage in 1870 was on the rue des Oiseaux and the house still exists today!
But the story of Héloïse does not fail to intrigue. Why was she born in Guadeloupe, while the rest of the family is firmly established in Burgundy or Creuse? It is then up to the author to unravel the threads of the family legend that mothers and grandmothers have told over time, and in turn reveal the plot.
Later, she might want to continue the historical saga with the story of her grandfather Pierre Cottaz, the founder of the musical group “La Symphonie”.
In any case, it is an opportunity for her to invite each individual reader to question themselves more broadly based on their identity, rooted in family stories. Is the truth found? And what does that mean?

Chantal Serrière: through her books

Through her blog “Ecritures du monde” and all her works, Chantal Serrière is particularly interested in the people she meets on her way, their history, their culture: her writings are thus sometimes novels, essays or stories.
Before the concert (L’Harmattan) carries the words of the luminous visually impaired pianist, Caroline Sablayrolles, like the blind fool who wanted to see differently (Do Bentzinger), Gérard Muller, this pharmacist from Haguenau who suffers from retinitis pigmentosa, records a repulsive adventurer constantly its limits.

Éline, ou le passage du cyclone (Orphie) takes the reader into the violence of a hurricane ravaging Madagascar, while Le boulanger français de Chengdu (Aréopage) transports him to the heart of deep China in the early 2000s

Indigo (Do Bentzinger) invites two painters born in Labé, in Fouta Djallon, to travel through Guinea, where their mothers, dyers, used plants to make the famous color blue…

But another area also inspires him. Stories inspired here and there by semi-precious stones from Madagascar Ten small precious stories on some stones from Madagascar (Harmattan) or musical instruments from Africa. The world’s oldest balafon or illustrations by the Guinean painter Papus, to offer a very first reading book, Fatim, Fatou, Fatoumata (Ganndal) or even magical works by a real fairy potter who lives near the Jura lakes. The elves of the lake and the potter (the green tree) are also part of his universe.
Héloïse, from one world to another; (L’Harmattan, January 2022), brings the author’s great-great-grandmother back to life in the mid-19th century.

Chantal Serriere. Héloïse, from one world to the other.
Editions de l’Harmattan, 234 pp. 20 euros
A historical novel that tells the true story of transatlantic crossings in the 19th century

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