MCU: 10 Supporting Characters That Should Be In The MCU Now

With the induction of She-Hulk, introduced on Disney+ in August 2022, the MCU has seen an influx of new characters from the Expanded Comic Universe. The franchise has undoubtedly expanded beyond the Avengers, and the fan base has been introduced to several new heroes and metahumans in a cinematic way.

But while Thor, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange have certainly topped the franchise, they might not be the heroes they are without a little help from their friends. A team’s supporting members are just as important as the main figureheads, but there are several notable absences from the MCU. Although they may be critical characters in cartoons and comics, these Marvel stalwarts and supporting characters have yet to make their film debut.

Felicia Hardy/Black Cat (Spider-Man/Spider-Verse)

Even with the events of the phenomenal Spider-Man: No Way Home, the absence of a Felicia Hardy is certainly shocking. Especially considering that other members of Peter Parker’s circle have made prominent appearances, such as Ned Leeds and Flash Thompson.

Peter has been Spider-Man for a decent amount of time as the events of Homecoming unfold, and Felicia and her sneaky, sultry alter-ego is one of Peter’s main allies and love interests. With three films already under her belt, it’s disappointing to see that she still hasn’t made an appearance.

Curt Connors (Spider-Man)

While Spidey locked horns with the Lizard in his last outing, Dr. Curt Connors a key figure in Peter’s life before he became the mutant reptile. According to the version and variation of the crawler, Dr. Connors a prominent member of the scientific community, while Peter is a student. In fact, Spider-Man goes to Connors several times for his wise input.

Dr. Connors is essentially Spider-Man’s two-faced Batman, he is a close friend who turns into a monster before his eyes. Comic book purists will argue that he should have appeared before Mysterio, but he would have made a much more compelling supporting role and ally than a giant lizard roaming the streets of New York.

Amara Perera (Iron Man)

To say Tony Stark had a way with the ladies would be a glorious understatement, but Marvel/Disney missed a huge opportunity by not introducing Amara Perera to the MCU. Not only would she have been an interesting love interest for Iron Man, but she would have been the catalyst for the introduction of Doctor Doom and the X-Men into the franchise.

A brilliant scientist from Sri Lanka, Perera was a geneticist who studied the meta-human/mutant gene and eventually found the theoretical cure that would eliminate a host’s mutant abilities. If the MCU hadn’t used some variation of this plot to bring in the X-Men, they could have used his relationship with Victor Von Doom to hint at the Fantastic Four’s induction.

Orini (Doctor Strange)

With the events of Infinity War and The Multiverse of Madness, Doctor Strange has had his multidimensional hands full in more ways than one. So it makes sense that this servant of Dormammu didn’t get a few licks after Strange’s first encounter with the Dark Dimension Demon.

Orini is to Dormammu what the Silver Surfer is to Galactus. He’s not necessarily a main antagonist as much as he’s a strong sidekick to the big bads himself. Still, the opportunity for a battle between him and the Sorcerer Supreme was there, but it wasn’t used.

Eternity (Doctor Strange)

With the events of his latest film spanning several different universes, it’s honestly a shock to know that Eternity wasn’t involved in the events of the Multiverse of Madness in some way. With beings like the Watcher, Khonshu, and Celestials existing in the MCU, Eternity should already be present and taken care of.

As the name suggests, eternity is the personification of the concept of time itself. He is an eternally powerful cosmic manifestation concerned with the balance of the universe. With events regarding the Sacred Timeline, he should have at least appeared in the Loki series.

Halcyon (Iron Man)

An X-Men appearance in the MCU has been strongly desired by the fanbase for some time now, and while it may be difficult for Marvel to simply throw the team into the middle of the established canon, they could be integrated with the appearance of this Iron Man ally. Halcyon, while not a loyal member of the team’s title, is a mutant who could fit into any technology-based story.

Although only introduced in 2020, Halcyon has an impressive and compelling side character. A deaf mutant who can control his heartbeat and manipulate his body in ways that give him supersenses has such potential that the MCU needs to capitalize on it ASAP.

Rick Jones (The Incredible Hulk)

Despite already having multiple Hulk entries in the MCU, the franchise has neglected to include one of the most pivotal characters in Bruce Banner’s history. Rick Jones and his involvement in the gamma bomb that gave Dr. Banner his powers.

Since it was Jones who engineered the bomb and the technology that created the Hulk, he is perhaps the biggest catalyst in the creation of one of Marvel’s most popular characters. Not only that, but reducing him to just a name on a piece of paper in the MCU also robs the series of the nuke and misses the opportunity for an emotional confrontation for Banner’s angry alter-ego.

Nova (Nova/Guardians of the Galaxy)

It doesn’t matter if it’s Richard Rider or Sam Alexander, the fact that the NOVA Corps has been introduced to the MCU since 2014 means that a Living Rocket appearance is long overdue. While some might argue that the character deserves to star in his own movie first, comic book fans know that both Richard and Sam started out as cadets.

The best approach might just be a NOVA Corps movie or a Disney+ series, but at least one appearance alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy should come first. Either way, an appearance by the young hero would bring fresh blood to the MCU’s favorite gang of outlaws.

Angela (Guardians of the Galaxy/Thor)

With the success of The Sandman and the Eternals’ introduction to the MCU, it seems logical that Marvel would want more of Neil Gaiman’s work in their new projects. After falling out with Spawn creator Todd McFarlane, Neil Gaiman left Angela to Marvel, where she found a new career working with Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor.

Considering she’s Thor’s older sister and the God of Thunder has recently been seen in the company of the Guardians, it’s surprising not to find her somewhere in the mix. Perhaps Marvel could consult Gaiman again for a proper introduction to the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Bob, HYDRA Agent (Deadpool)

Although it had a brief nod in Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool movie, HYDRA has been a part of the MCU since the first Captain America movie. The organization could still rear its ugly head in a number of ways, especially with characters like Zemo and Zola still in the game. Since the agency may still have sleeper cells and hidden cults, there’s no reason Bob couldn’t be a part of it.

Comic book fans know Bob as a comic book character seen alongside the Merc with a Mouth, but Deadpool’s appearance is not necessary for him to be involved. If anything, he’d be right at home with Spider-Man or The Guardians of the Galaxy given his humorous antics. He is a clumsy, cowardly and often unclear henchman of HYDRA who is clearly in the wrong business. Given his fan-favorite status, he deserves more than just an Easter egg.

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