In Vierzon, the future of a green space in front of the Ambroise-Croizat nursing home is controversial

The Socialist group and various left-wing members of the Bourges municipal council revealed it during its back-to-school press conference on September 14 during the fair exhibition in Vierzon. The plot in front of the Ambroise-Croizat nursing home, Place Salvatore-Allende, in Clos-du-Roy, could be put up for sale. It has twenty-eight trees and three benches where the elderly come to rest.

“We are against cutting down trees”

“There is no question of selling the land,” replies Corinne Ollivier, the mayor of Vierzon. But we asked for an estimate. As the budgetary context will be complicated, we are looking at properties that are likely to be sold. In addition, the mayor ensures that this point is not discussed in the municipal council, which is scheduled for Thursday 6 October.

premium Corinne Ollivier, mayor of Vierzon: “We will sell Célestin Gérard’s house well”

Although there is therefore no question of selling this green area at the moment, the socialist group is strongly against the sale, while the Municipality has committed to planting a thousand trees by 2026. cannot plant 1,000 trees and at the same time sell the green area in front Amboise-Croizat care home”, Philippe Fournié, deputy mayor, was surprised in our edition of Thursday, September 15. The elected representative believes today that if demolitions are planned in the district, it is not necessary to remove the garden. Same thing for municipal council member Thibault Lhonneur (unsubordinated France): “we are against the felling of trees.”

An opinion is shared by the opposition municipal councilor Mary-Claude Grison (For Vierzonnais). “Selling a wooded lot in front of the Ambroise-Croizat nursing home is new nonsense,” she says. Let’s leave this little garden, this corner of rest to the families who come with the residents to meet there and enjoy the shade of the trees. I am absolutely against this sale. One of the residents we interviewed, who wished to remain anonymous, insisted on the importance of leaving this garden to the elderly, “out of respect for our elders”.

We look at properties that are likely to be sold.

If the city decides to sell this green space, the question of its destination will arise. On social networks, some believe that the ground will house a prayer room. An argument that is completely denied by the mayor: “There is no question of placing a mosque in this place,” she insists. But “I received the worship association (the one that manages the Vierzon mosque, editor’s note) who wants to get a place of worship, which I find completely legitimate. »

A thousand trees will be planted in Vierzon in 2026

It must be said that the 100 square meter mosque, located at the impasse de Bellevue, has become too small for years. The association tried unsuccessfully on several occasions to buy new premises, especially a former business in Clos-du-Roy. Several online pots have even been launched in the past to finance the purchase of a new church site.

Thibault Lhonneur also believes that it is legitimate for Muslims to have a place of worship worthy of the name, but not on this site. He would rather see him downtown than in Clos-du-Roy, for that matter. The socialist group and various leftists should not discuss the future of this country, which is in front of the nursing home Ambroise-Croizat during the municipal council on October 6. But “if one of the elected representatives speaks about it, I will also speak about it”, promises Philippe Fournié. Mary-Claude Grison intends to put the subject back on the table, as does the opposition group Vierzon 2020.

Benoît Morin

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