Free tours of the exhibition “Urban Text, this space called the Balkans” Institute of Islamic Cultures, October 1, 2022, Paris.

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From September 15 to December 11, 2022, the Institute of Islamic Cultures presents the Urban Text exhibition, this space called the Balkans.

It is through the prism of urban space that the exhibition UrbanText – literally Urban fabric in French – shows the complexity of the Balkans, a multicultural territory with changing definitions.

From the traces of the Ottoman Empire to the scars of the wars of the 20th century, the city has become the palimpsest of collective writings, the mirror of history and imagination. Between construction, erasure and transformation, political and individual dynamics have left their mark on architectures and monuments.

A selection of artists working in the Balkans bear witness to this with power and delicacy, grasping memories and current events to create intimate, critical or dreamlike works. They emphasize the historical density of South-Eastern Europe, at the same time as the diversity of the influences which have shaped this region for centuries and of which the populations are a reflection.

Throughout the exhibition, many events combining performing arts, round tables and film provide an overview of the cultural abundance and challenges of the contemporary Balkans. The musical program mixes the sound of jazz with traditional songs and turbo folk, while issues related to democratic transition, post-conflict context and the confirmation of unique cultural identities are at the heart of the proposed meetings. Finally, the young audience benefits from a dedicated offer of shows, cinema snacks and artistic practice workshops.

About the curators

Falma Fshazi, exhibition curator
Falma Fshazi is an independent curator and researcher in the history and theory of architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ). Doctor of the EHESS, her thesis focuses on the social organization of youth in Albania between the wars, the country of her birth. She has also taught anthropology, social science and ethnology in Istanbul and Paris. From 2015 to 2018, she headed the Center for Openness and Dialogue (COD) in Tirana, Albania. His research topics include the social history of architecture and the city, the city’s public sphere and cultural policies, and the contemporary art scene.

Bérénice Saliou, exhibition curator
Bérénice Saliou founded in 2010 together with the artist Younès Rahmoun the artist residency Trankat in the medina of Tétouan (Morocco), which she directed until 2015. She then became artistic director of the Institute of Islamic Cultures (ICI) cultural institution of the city of Paris. Through the organization of exhibitions, the production of artworks and projects, including in the public space, and the programming of interdisciplinary events, it works for the visibility of extra-western artistic scenes. In September 2022, she took over the management of Documents d’Artistes La Réunion.

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