Why should you always have a toothbrush in the car? All motorists enter it, the grounds are large

As the name suggests, the toothbrush is used to brush your teeth. Thanks to its soft bristles, it cleans all teeth and thus maintains good oral hygiene. Before it ends up in the bin after three months of use, you’d better store it in a cupboard or inside your car. In fact, this accessory can be reused in an unimaginable way. We tell you everything.

The toothbrush can be used in different ways. In addition to its key role in maintaining good oral hygiene, the toothbrush can be an ideal cleaning tool for accessing inaccessible corners in any room of the house. Additionally, some people keep it precious in their garage or inside their car.

So why keep a toothbrush in the car?

No, having a toothbrush in the car will not help you brush your teeth on a long drive. The real reason for the presence of such an accessory in a car is much simpler than you might think.

  • Using the toothbrush for thorough car care

Cleaning a car seat with a toothbrush

Cleaning a car seat with a toothbrush. Source: spm

Some areas of the car can be difficult to reach during cleaning. Using a toothbrush makes it easier for you to clean the seats, which tend to collect all kinds of dirt and dust. But before you use the toothbrush on the fabrics, make sure it is completely dry. Air vents and car speakers can also be cleaned with it. Simply Gently scrub the inaccessible surfaces as well as any small grooves in your dashboard to remove dust. As for the other surfaces of the dashboard, it is possible to use a soft cloth or washcloth slightly moistened with water or a product suitable for automotive plastics, while avoiding gauges or other electronic devices that need to be cleaned. clean, dry microfiber cloth.

Other tips for cleaning the car with a toothbrush

Apart from inaccessible areas in the car, other places can be cleaned with a used toothbrush. These accessories combined with simple and natural products will make it possible to achieve very good results.

  • Clean the car’s headlights with a toothbrush

Dirty car headlight

Dirty car headlight. Source: spm

Lots of dirt and debris can accumulate in the front of the car, especially near the headlights. In addition to blocking the light, these deposits can also compromise the safety of motorists. It is therefore possible to give them a clean shot by giving you a simple toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste. Apply the toothpaste by hand and cover the entire area to be cleaned. Then use the toothbrush to remove all the dirt using circular motions. Then rinse with clean water and then dry with a washcloth or soft cloth.

  • Clean the car’s rims with a toothbrush

Cleaning a car rim

Cleaning a car rim. Source: spm

With air pollution, car rims tend to get dirty quickly. To clean them thoroughly, that is necessary to use an effective cleaning agent. As such, turpentine can be formidable, especially for removing tar stains. others natural products can also be used like white vinegar. To start, spray the cleaner onto the rim and let it work for a few seconds. Then rub the surface of the rims with a sponge or cloth. Carry out the operation with a toothbrush to reach especially the difficult areas that you cannot clean.

As you’ve probably gathered, there’s nothing like an old used toothbrush to finish cleaning a vehicle. To keep the interior of the car constantly clean, it is important to air it out and vacuum it once a month.

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