New partnership between Morris Garages and the Union of Community Pharmacists

New partnership between Morris Garages and the Union of Community Pharmacists

A partnership contract was signed on Thursday, September 29, 2022, between the company OIS Motors, official distributor in the Tunisian market of the British car brand Morris Garages (MG) and the Union of Community Pharmacists of Tunisia (Spot), benefiting from the 5th edition of Forum de l’Officine which is held from 29 September to 1 October in the Kram exhibition centre.

The agreement was signed by Fakhreddine Ghattas, Commercial Director of MG, and Naoufel Amira, President of Le Spot.

Through this partnership, Morris Garages targets a significant commercial population and a professional organization that is both active and distributed throughout the national territory. Union members will thus be able to benefit from specific favorable conditions for the purchase of new vehicles and for the maintenance and repair of their vehicles.

This contract will cover two aspects: new vehicle acquisition benefits and after-sales service privileges. On the menu special prices when buying new vehicles with discounts from 1,000 dinars for small displacements to 3,000 dinars for large displacements, as well as after-sales discounts of about 10% on spare parts and labor.

In a statement to Business News, Mr. Ghattas that their participation in this forum aims to present their full range of products as well as to make connections and create long-term partnerships with the pharmaceutical and pharmacy sector.

For his part, Mr. Amira hoped that this collaboration would be fruitful and create interest for both parties. And to draw attention to another benefit of this deal: tax breaks. The pharmacies do not actually have many fees on their balance sheet. The pharmacy is a business that needs vehicles for daily work and for supplies. The purchase of a vehicle represents, at an accounting level, a significant reduction in terms of rolling stock.

It should be noted that this forum, which is mainly dedicated to health professionals in Tunisia, was opened for the first time to other actors such as traders and banks, important partners in their professional activities. For this edition, Morris Garages was also the only car dealer present.

On this occasion, the retailer displayed its entire range for attendees to discover. Even better, he made several cars available to the pharmacies that they were able to test.

In addition, Morris Garages took the opportunity to preview the new MG EHS, its new flagship model that is also currently available for pre-order, the plug-in hybrid version of the HS. The participants in the forum were therefore the first to consider it.

With its sporty look and comfortable ride, the new MG EHS offers powerful and dynamic driving pleasure thanks to the high-performance combination of the internal combustion engine and an economical electric motor that reduces CO2 emissions without sacrificing range.

The EHS 1.5L Trophy is equipped with a 1.5 liter 119 hp engine, mated to a 7-speed automatic gearbox. Approval is in progress, prices have not yet been communicated.

Among the cars presented are:

-RX8 Lux, a bold, high-performance 4×4 that represents seven-seat perfection. A vehicle, rather dedicated to high-ranking officials and senior executives, equipped with a two-liter engine and 220 hp (16 CV) mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, sold at a price of 189,800 dinars including VAT.

-MG ZST, the new restyled version of the famous MG ZS.

-MG6, an elegant sedan that offers excellent performance.

-MG5 version L, the trendy saloon with an elegant and sporty design and generally dedicated to medical representatives.


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