New and used cars in Algeria: what prices in October?

Not long ago, for many Algerians, returning to social services represented the opportunity to buy a car or change one. But since the suspension of the import of new cars in 2017 and the shutdown of assembly plants in 2020, obtaining a vehicle or a vehicle has been a challenge, as prices have literally exploded.

Whether for new or used cars, the market is saturated and deregulated. And small and medium scholarships can no longer access it. It therefore appears that acquiring a car in 2022 in Algeria is a luxury reserved only for the rich.

To report on this situation, we went to check the prices of new and used cars at the end of September on markets and specialized websites.

New cars – 100 SMIC for a QQ, 200 for a Picanto and… 650 for a new Tiguan

Let’s start our overview with the prices of new cars. A quick look at the sales and resale outlets is enough to chill the poor citizen looking for a vehicle for his family.

In fact, the “cheapest” of all cars, the small Chinese Chery QQ costs a paltry 2 million dinars, or 100 months SNMG ! The other mainstream car, Kia Picanto LX with gasoline engine, is offered for the modest sum of 4 million dinars (200 months SNMG). As for the Suzuki Swift, its price reaches 3.4 million dinars.

Still in the category of entry-level cars, the Fiat Panda, gasoline engine and automatic transmission is worth 3.35 million dinars; Citroën C Élysée, 4.4 million dinars; and Dacia Sandero Stepway crossover, 3.85 million dinars.

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On the side of medium and high-end cars, it is necessary to plan a budget of at least 5 million dinars (half a billion cents) to hope to afford one of them.

This brings the price of the city car Fabia, from the Czech manufacturer Skoda, with petrol engine and automatic transmission, to 5.5 million dinars. And the one for the Peugeot 3008 reaches 7 million dinars. For almost the same price, the buyer can also afford an Audi A1 S Line or a Volkswagen Polo 200 R-Line.

As for luxury cars, their prices exceed the symbolic ceiling of a billion centimes. This is how multi-brand dealers in Algiers offer the Audi A4 S Line at a price of 13.8 million dinars; Audi Q3 S Line for 14 million dinars; and Volkswagen’s new Tiguan R-Line 4×4 for more than 13 million dinars.

Used cars, ten year old cars sold for more than when they left the factory

The small wallets, which could not afford to buy a new car, previously fell back on the second-hand market. But in recent months, the latter, on the other hand, has experienced an unprecedented outbreak. Ten-year-old cars with hundreds of thousands of kilometers on the odometer are now being sold for two or even three times their new price.

For example, on the Biskra market, a 2003 Clio Classique was valued at 90 million centimes; a Peugeot 306 from the year 2000, for 54 million centimes. And on the Annaba market, we offer a Chery QQ 2013 at a price of 83.5 million. These are the most “affordable” models, the ones that cost less than a million dinars.

With a budget that fluctuates between 100 and 200 million centimes, the potential buyer can acquire a Chevrolet Aveo 2008 (115 million), a Hyundai Accent 2016 (145 million), a Renault Symbol 2014 (160 million) or a Toyota Yaris 2009 ( 182 million). ), with 310,000 km on the clock.

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For vehicles whose price exceeds 250 million cents, the “choice” is wider. Thus, on the Biskra market, traders valued an Audi Q3 from 2013 at 280 million cents; a Dacia Sandero 2017, worth 270 million Peugeot Rifter 2019 family car, at 520 million cents.

Finally, with regard to commercial vehicles, we have selected three offers. The Chinese Dongfeng Xiaokang (DFSK) 2015 received an offer, on the Sétif market, of 155 million centimes; Peugeot Landtrek 2022 was estimated at 490 million. and the 2020 Toyota Hilux pickup is worth nearly 700 million cents.

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