How long does it take to charge an electric car?

To ensure a good range, the battery in an electric car must be recharged for a certain period of time, depending on the type of vehicle.

What factors affect the charging time of an electric car?

If a few minutes are enough to refuel a thermomobile, this is not the case for an electric vehicle. In fact, the battery must be connected to a charging station for electric cars to be powered and autonomous.

Autonomy is its ability to travel a certain distance without requiring recharging. The battery charging time of an electric car can change depending on several factors.

Electric car charging time: vehicle factors

Electric cars are not all equipped with a single model of battery. In fact, this equipment can come from different brands. It can also be selected according to Powerful required to start the various functions built into the car.

This factor can easily increase the car’s charging time, especially if the charging station is not able to meet this need. In general, an electric car is equipped with a inverter.

In some cases, this equipment is only able to handle a single-phase source, even if the vehicle is connected to a three-phase outlet, which slows down the charging time.

Charging time for an electric car: environmental factors

An electric car’s charging speed can be affected by various environmental factors. In fact, the battery recharge time in case of low temperature is different from what is required when strong heat.

You must be aware that electric cars run less efficiently in the cold. High temperatures are also not conducive to the conditioning of electric car charging. They can even lead to fairly rapid battery degradation.

You can choose between the various methods for charging your electric car.

What are the different ways to charge your electric car?

Like thermal cars, electric cars are charged by driving from dedicated stations.

You have the option of recharging your electric car at one reinforced grip home. The current is limited between 10 and 14 A and the time to fully recharge a 50 kWh battery is estimated to be approx 3 p.m.

The wall box or wall terminal is a device that is generally available with a power in between 3.7 kW and 7.4 kW. It allows you to halve the charging time for your electric car, depending on the battery’s power. Thanks to the wall box, charging can be programmed during outside rush hour.

These are charging stations that are installed in public car parks or shopping centres. They spread a stream of 16 to 32 A, in single-phase or three-phase and compatible with outputs of 3.7 kW, 7.4 kW or 22 kW. They allow one accelerated charging on some vehicles.

These stations supply a current with a power of 50 kW makes it possible to achieve a charge of 80% in just 30 minutes.

This type of charging station for electric cars spreads a current 100kW, see more. However, the battery must be designed to withstand this type of charging.

What factors affect the charging time of an electric car?

Depending on the various factors mentioned above, there are several elements that can increase or decrease the charging time of an electric car. It is :

  • That ability of the battery pack expressed in kWh;
  • The state of charge the battery (full empty or half full);
  • That terminal current;
  • That Powerful tolerated by electric car (in alternating current and fast charging);
  • The type of charging cable Used ;
  • The conditions regarding temperature.

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