Did Youtuber Remi Gaillard steal the Back to the Future car from a Breton?

Victor Deguérande, writer of science fiction novels in Saint-Brieuc, acquired the exact replica of the DeLorean from Back to the Future in 2018. ©Le Penthièvre

It is a case that has been in the news for several days. A story so crazy that we always wonder about its truth, and one of its main characters is a regular in large-scale hoaxes.

This is not the case for Victor Deguérande, resident of Plœuc-L’Hermitage, in the countryside of Saint-Brieuc (Côtes d’Armor), who claims to have had his DeLorean, an exact and unique replica in the world of the movie car ” Back to the Future “. The author of the theft is not unknown…

It’s Rémi Gaillard, I’m sure I saw him on the video.

The owner is formal. All the more sure of himself since the comedian, specialist in crazy videos on Youtube, had come into contact with Victor Deguérande less than a year ago: he was interested in using the DeLorean for one of his videos.

“I had given him an estimate, but he never followed through.”

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Clear confessions

“I never intended to rent it,” admits his side Rémi Gaillard, who was called.

Not surprised by our calls, he never shied away from the questions, even before them.

When I contacted him it was just to get information and do my scouting.

Rémi Gaillard, comedian

And Victor Deguérande admits that at the time, he unsuspectingly gave the comedian, the contact details of his private museum “L’Univers de Doc”.

Videos: currently on Actu

With the famous car, the shed, which contains a whole pile of objects related to the cult film, is out of the way, precisely so as not to attract attention.

He was a famous person. I got excited, I trusted him…

Victor Deguerande

Maybe he shouldn’t have!

The DeLorean had previously slept quietly in a hangar dedicated to the world of the film, Back to the Future, of which Victor Deguérande is a fan. He does private tours upon request. ©Victor Deguerande

DeLorean on a platter

A few months later, at the beginning of September, the professional prankster says he left his Montpellier region (34) to go to the country of Costa Rica (22), in Plœuc-L’Hermitage. “I was with three experts,” he jokes in his singing accent.

I had some kind of passport, I had no problem opening the hangar: we entered from the back, we left from the front!

No way to drive the DeLorean the distance that separates him from Montpellier, so a platform was needed. Rémi Gaillard simply announces:

We covered the car and put it on a platform.

With an open face

The owner had still put the shed under video surveillance. “My phone beeped and I could see that my car was stolen. I saw four men and clearly recognized Rémi Gaillard. »

Remy Gaillard
It was RémyiGaillard himself who sent us this photo where we see him sitting in Victor Deguérande’s DeLorean. ©Dan Lisner photography – Dan Lisner

The happy guy didn’t try to hide.

I even bowed in front of the camera. I did everything openly.

Time to get dressed and reach the stage, about ten minutes from his home, when Victor Deguérande arrives, his legendary car has disappeared.

Until October 5

To top it all off, the prank star left a signed letter with the inscription: “I return it to you for yesterday. It is by doing anything that you become anyone”, the little phrase that ends all his gags.

Victor’s DeLorean is unique: it was fully equipped by Kevin Pike, the head of special effects in the Back to the Future saga and the creator of the Time Machine. ©Victor Deguerande

Rémi Gaillard, always so calm at the end of the line, ensures:

I understand that he is worried… You can calm him down, I will return his car to him. To October 5, I said.

And he adds: “I had to loosen it a bit, but it will be in perfect condition! »

How to justify such cheating? “I know… It’s not very stylish… But at the same time, it will give him a little publicity stunt! says the comedian.

“He’s not a villain”

Victor Déguerande does not deny that he enjoys exploiting the hype surrounding this funny affair, so incredible that one always wonders about its truth. But he is no less concerned about the sequence of events.

Obviously, Rémi Gaillard’s fame and the number of views of his videos puts the spotlight on my DeLorean and on my museum, for which I do not have the means to finance a large-scale communication campaign.

It is also because of the thief’s notoriety that Plœucois did not file a complaint with the gendarmerie, although he suggested the opposite for a period of time…

“He is not a villain. I spoke to him on the phone before the flight. At this time it is not in my interest to file a complaint,” said Victor Deguérande.

If I said I filed a complaint, it was to put pressure on Rémi Gaillard to return the car to me as soon as possible.

Owner’s anxiety

Because after all, the unfortunate owner of the DeLorean is miserable.

I really like this car. I am not a collector. I’m not rich and I don’t have original vehicles. I am an enthusiast and bought myself this unique DeLorean with my mother’s inheritance.

He says that it is a real pain for him that this extraordinary car is no longer in its place, in its shed.

false rumours

Various media outlets claim that the theft of Victor Deguerande’s DeLorean is fake. Rémy Gaillard is used to this kind of process to condemn journalists’ treatment of information. We asked him to send us a photo of himself posing in front of the stolen vehicle with today’s newspaper to prove it was in his possession. At the time he claimed he was too far from the vehicle to send us the requested photo but would do so within a week. We still haven’t received any…

And especially, it annoys Victor that anyone could think this would all be a setup of which he would be complicit, as some media have written.

It is my car! I care about it. A guy like Rémi Gaillard doesn’t need me to get buzz. Me, this story attracts only suspicion and hate on social networks. »

A flying car

A few days after the spectacular flight, Remi Gaillard posted a surreal video on his twitter account by DeLorean flying over the skies of Montpellier on a stormy evening. She recorded 40,000 views!

He announced others who never came.

Without specifying its intentions, the funny log announces:

I will try it! I want to see if it works: I want to go to the 80s. It was a time when the music was good, we were more stylish. But I’ve already said too much!

Before hanging up, Rémi Gaillard promised again that he would bring the car back to Brittany.

This Tuesday, October 5, he promised. We are waiting for the end of the story…

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