Châteaubriant: Discover what the Espace Dauphins swimming pool of the future will look like

Community elected officials have appointed the project manager to carry out the renovation of the Espace Dauphin swimming pool in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique). ©L’Éclaireur de Châteaubriant

We know a little more about the face of the future swimming pool Espace Dauphins by Châteaubriant (Loire Atlantique). The municipalities’ sports tools will be the subject of a major renovation project which must start in 2024 for one reopening planned for the end of the year 2025.

The appointed contractor

The choice of project manager has been recorded Thursday 29 September 2022on the occasion of the last community council.

that Nantes architectural firm Berthomieu Bissery Mingui was appointed as a supervisor. He was named among three successful candidates on it 28 applications occupied by the intermunicipality.

His mission will be to rehabilitate the swimming pool castelbriantaise opened in 1969 and almost exclusively reserved for learning to swim and playing sports.

Espace Dauphins, which has not seen any modernization since 1991, welcomes many school children and members of the swimming and diving clubs (CNC, Castelbriantais nautical club and CPC, Castelbriantais diving club) from the territory.

Dolphin area Châteaubriant
This is what the future Espaces Dauphin’s swimming pool in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique) will look like when the renovation work is completed. ©Cabinet Berthomieu Bissery Mingui

New premises between CMS and the swimming pool

That first pictures of the swimming pool of the future was revealed to elected officials. The chosen plans take up almost all the main lines that the elected officials had drawn up at the start of the renovation project; although many elements remain confidential for now.

” That Cheers currently in tiling will be coated with stainless steel “, announced Jacqueline Bombray, assistant for the sign, training and youth at the Town Hall of Châteaubriant.

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The large hall with an area of ​​750 m2 will be completely renovated and brought up to standard.

The long corridor between the municipal sports center (CMS) and the swimming pool is filled along the 50 meter pool.

Swimming pool area Dolphins Châteaubriant
The future Espace Dauphin swimming pool will be approved to host national competitions. ©L’Éclaireur de Châteaubriant

“Rooms, changing rooms, meeting rooms and everything necessary for the lifeguards must be built”, continues the local elected representative.

This “lost space” will therefore be used to review the organization of this swimming pool, one of the only two in the department equipped with a Olympic pool of 50 meters.

A pool intended to host sports competitions. Three rows of stands will be installed along its entire length.

Swimming pool area Dolphins Châteaubriant
The renovation project plans to double the space of the learning pool. ©L’Éclaireur de Châteaubriant

A project of €11.7 million

As expected, the little one the learning pool doubles in size (150 m2) to accommodate entire kindergarten classes.

Contrary to what was originally anticipated, this expansion of the small pool will not cause overpressure on three of the five outdoor tennis courts adjacent to the pool. Everything will be stored.

Two well-defined accesses for groups on the one hand and individuals on the other hand will be offered.

“It was least intrusive project on the rest of the world”, emphasized Patrick Galivel, vice president in charge of sports and leisure.

“On an energy level, what was presented to us is interesting,” added the mayor and president of the community of municipalities, Alain Hunault.

The municipal community requested Department to get one 11% grant,1.3 million euros to help fund this global project worth € 11.7 million.

The selected firm’s fees were set at €1,281,970, or 13.73% of the estimated amount for the work, estimated at €9,335,000 excluding tax.

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