After sneakers and sweaters, Lidl is unveiling a car in the brand’s colors

Three yellow, blue and red Minis are up for grabs in a competition. A way to boost registrations to the brand’s loyalty program.

New marketing offensive in the war where the mass distribution giants are stubbornly leading. At the maneuver came German Lidl, which has already caused a sensation especially with its very limited series of sneakers for under 13 euros in December 2020. A pair had even been offered for resale for 4900 euros on Leboncoin. This time, the brand is unveiling a series of three cars bearing its image, in collaboration with the Mini brand.

As a starting point for this new concept, an April Fool’s joke issued by the specialist magazine Auto Moto. One article announced with much fanfare the release of a low-cost SUV in Lidl livery, ironically called Silvercrest, named after a mixer robot snapped up by the discounter’s customers.

“Faced with the Silvercrest SUV, Dacia has a lot to worry about”

, joked the editors at Auto Moto, Dacia is known for its cheap SUVs. The joke had created the event on social networks until it was shared on Lidl’s Twitter account.

A few months later, a yellow, blue and red Mini Cooper appeared in a promotional video for the brand, apparently presented by Michel Biero, marketing director.

“We thought it was a good idea,

he says facing the camera,

so we decided to make it, this car. »

However, the three Minis will not be offered for sale, just like sneakers, tap shoes and other pullovers before them. They make up the three prizes in a competition organized by the brand on its Lidl Plus application, which celebrates its first year of existence in France in a few days.

Since Wednesday, customers registered on the application have a chance to win one of three cars stamped Lidl for every 30 euros in purchase. The only restriction for the winners: run for at least six months with the flocking before Lidl agrees to pay any removal costs. With this operation,

“costs almost nothing”

specifies Michel Biero, the discount company’s strategy is to recruit

“several hundred thousand new customers”,


“increase the average basket

and to massively register on Lidl Plus, which already had 6.435 million subscribers on Tuesday. A broken number


by the director of Lidl France, who can consult the number of registered at any time

” Direct ”


“When I get up, it’s the revenue I look at”

Above all, the Lidl Plus application helps to build customer loyalty, which has long been the discount retailer’s weak point in the French market. Although the company manages to recruit many new customers – its market penetration is 66% – it still struggles to retain them. ”

Only 43% of spending at the German discount store is by buyers for whom it is the main brand, when this rate reaches 81% at Leclerc. This difference alone explains these distributors’ differences in market share

Claire Tirard, account manager for distribution services at NielsenIQ, recently explained.

Loyalty programs can also increase the shopping cart. Michel Biero explains that a customer registered on Lidl Plus spent on average 50% more in the store than the others. An independent study by NielsenIQ shows that in Germany, where the loyalty program started earlier than in France, the spending of customers registered with Lidl Plus was 39% higher than that of the average customer. The boss of Lidl also explains that the part of the purchase of 30 euros needed to participate in the game is slightly above the average basket used in the supermarkets.


With its loyalty program, Lidl captures many customers

Since its first establishment in France, in Sarreguemines in 1989, Lidl has continued to capture market share. These increased further by 0.3 points in the first half of 2022, reaching 7.6%, ahead of compatriot Aldi (3%), but still far behind Carrefour (20%) and leader Leclerc (22.4%). ”

Lidl’s goal is not to increase market share,

nuance however Michel Biero

. When I get up in the morning, that’s the revenue I look at, that’s what matters to me.


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