this is the price of this electric car more powerful than a Dacia Spring

Tata Motors unveils its new electric car, dubbed Tiago.ev. It is available in several versions and has one of the smallest batteries on the market in its entry-level finish. But the price defies all competition: around 10,000 euros.

You have most likely heard of Tata Motors, which a few years ago sold the Nano, one of the smallest cars in the world. But today the group, which mainly owns Jaguar-Land Rover, has new ambitions, while the Indian market lags behind in terms of electrification.

A summary endowment

In particular, it concerns? Very protectionist laws that prevent foreign manufacturers like Tesla from selling their cars if they don’t have a factory there. Therefore, it is important for local brands to develop their offer.

This is how Tata Motors has just unveiled its Tiago.ev, an electric city car at a very low price, which could well compete with our Dacia Spring if one day it were exported to France. Which seems very unlikely. If the dimensions have not been communicated, they should remain close to those of the thermal Tiago, which has been sold since 2016 and has a length of 3.75 meters, two centimeters longer than the spring.

On board, the presentation remains very classic and is naturally not overly technological. Only a small screen appears present on the dashboard, while many car functions such as temperature can be activated via the ZConnect app for smartphones. It is also possible to access the location of the vehicle as well as information regarding charging. Customers will also be able to enjoy Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as an eight-speaker Harman sound system, automatic climate control and rain sensors.

Multiple versions

As described in the statement by Tata Motors, the electric city car has a 55 kW engine, equivalent to 75 horsepower, for a torque of 114 Nm, so it can reach 0 to 60 km/h in just 5.7 seconds. By comparison, the Dacia Spring claims 44 horsepower and 125 Nm.

Two batteries are offered, the first showing a ridiculous capacity of only 19 kW, against 26.8 for the Romanian city car. Then Tata announces a range of 250 kilometers, according to the Indian cycle MIDC (Modified Indian Driving Cycle), which differs from our European WLTP. A version with a 24 kWh battery will also be available, allowing it to travel up to 315 MIDC kilometers. This is the same capacity as the first Nissan Leaf, which at the time did not exceed 199 kilometers NEDC.

Tata Tiago

If the maximum power that can be collected by the electric city car during charging is not indicated by the brand, it confirms that 30 minutes are necessary to recover approximately 100 kilometers on a DC terminal. The car comes standard with a 3.3kW AC charger, while the battery goes from 10% to 100% in three and a half hours with the 7.2kW option.

Around 10,000 euros

The new Tata Tiago.ev starts from 849,000 Indian rupees, which is roughly equivalent to 10,745 euros. Orders will open on October 10, with first deliveries scheduled for January 2023.

As a reminder, the Dacia Spring starts from 19,800 euros and is eligible for the ecological bonus of 5,346 euros. Nevertheless, it is difficult to compare the two in terms of price, especially because stricter safety standards in Europe, forcing brands to add more driver aids that increase fares. It therefore seems highly unlikely that this car will be sold in France.

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