The champagne that is drunk in the room


Consumption habits change even thousands of kilometers from the earth.

The Reims house GH Mumm (Pernod Ricard group) has just announced an unprecedented collaboration with Axiom Space, an American company specializing in space travel. The idea that had already germinated in 2017 – the first model of this cuvée was presented in 2018 – has taken a step forward, namely to comply with very strict specifications, which makes it possible to meet the safety requirements of the National Center for Space Studies ( CNES).

Before they could claim this certification, the company Mumm carried out several researches and experiments – in collaboration with Octave de Gaulle, founder of the SPADE agency specializing in the design of space objects, CNES and Jean-François Clervoy, French astronaut from ESA, veteran of three space missions with NASA – notably during three test flight campaigns.

A panel of experts who have worked on many crucial points to be considered during a spatial tasting (gaseous liquid in the absence of gravity, pressure contained in the bottle, food quality, material specifications, size, ergonomics, etc.).

To infinity and beyond

In addition to the specialties linked to the specifications, the design of the bottle reveals an unprecedented process, the design of which is carried out exclusively in France.

The wine is contained in a glass half-bottle and is secured with a perfectly reliable opening-closing device in stainless steel. The champagne only comes into contact with glass and stainless steel – identical to the Mumm mixing vessels.

The shell made of aeronautical grade aluminum protects the glass bottle and provides double safety in case of failure of one of the systems regarding the upper part called ” on guard “it is composed of a long neck with a cork stopper and a ring, a technological innovation that makes it possible both to ensure safety during transport and uncorking, but also to serve champagne in an unprecedented way under weightless conditions*.

With its futuristic appearance, the bottle remains very close to the traditional champagne bottle, an achievement but also a guarantee of authenticity. Nostalgia for fantastic evenings on earth is never far away.

Noticeable change in the sense of smell, decrease in the ability to smell… in weightlessness everything changes.

The interstellar cuvée prompted Laurent Fresnet, cellar master at Maison Mumm, to go through his sample and create a unique blend with grapes from the 2016 harvest – including a majority of Pinot Noir, Mumm’s signature grape variety – and finished (up to 36%) with reserve wines from the last five years.

“My goal was to preserve the freshness and power of Mumm Cordon Rouge, to amplify the intensity of its aromas with greater aging and a dosage liqueur made with wines aged in oak barrels”explains Laurent Fresnet.

Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar Champagne will be offered during an upcoming Axiom Space mission, so the tasting ritual will be tested under real spaceflight conditions to complete the development of the experience and make the final adjustments. .

A diplomatic tool par excellence, champagne is also on its way to conquering space.

A certain vision of sobriety, spatial, no doubt.

*: Weightlessness is the absence of the feeling of weight. It is a state reached by a body when gravity has no appreciable influence on that body. The French Academy recommends the use of this term instead of weightlessness, to avoid oral confusion between “weightlessness” and “gravity”, which are pronounced the same way. This is also the term chosen by the initiators of this project.

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