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Developed by Happy Volcano, a young Belgian studio, You Suck at Parking is a top-down car game where we have to double our talents to park as fast as possible in each of the levels offered. Even if it deviates from it in its final goal, the title of the Flemish developer, released on September 14, 2022 and immediately available in Game Pass, took us back to the era of games like Supermarket Shriek or the Trials series. . Where the first offered a fun multiplayer mode, the second allowed us to take on high-level competitive challenges. Let’s see what formula is offered to us here.

Born to rage

The title starts with a simple and effective tutorial that teaches us how to control the vehicle and explains the objective that will be the same throughout the game: park your car in the spaces present in the different levels and that in a variable given time. on the challenges. To add some salt, a fuel gauge will tap the player on each of his attempts, the latter being infinite within the time limit.

The objectives are effectively explained

Let’s not beat around the bush, the experience is rather family and does not confront us with any real difficulties. Despite some levels being more challenging than others, none seem insurmountable. On the other hand, the challenge may prove more difficult if you aim for “perfection”. The latter consists of completing a level without failure. It is by completing these objectives that we unlock tickets, allowing us to progress to the following events through a hub where we move freely between different islands to the following points of interest.

We have a lot of fun controlling the vehicle in the two environments available when the game launches. Beating the highest score is exciting. The developers had the good idea to regularly add new mechanics and thus take the player out of his comfort zone. The first levels of each new environment feel like a big tutorial to get to the final challenge for each area found on the islands of the championship, which can only be unlocked through the completion of a large number of perfections.

Ice is the great idea of ​​the game

If some mechanics, such as the ice storm introduced in the second part of the title, are successful and really require concentration to master them, others are not very interesting or even very frustrating: hello to you fans. Some add-ons will even increase the difficulty of a level by adding randomness to it. Fortunately for players, a simple press of the Y key allows you to start the level over and thus continue the trials. On the other hand, we see slow loading times on the Xbox One X, which can make the experience more unpleasant than on the Xbox Series.

A well-oiled machine

When the career end of our three hundred and eleven golden tickets is reached, we go back to the menu and take a look at the season pass here called “Parking ticket” available for €9.99. First observation: finishing the game at 100% only gets us up to level seventeen out of fifty in the pass. Without using the credit card, we unlocked six items, including a painting and a horn noise that has no use. Not enough to really make you want to outdo yourself to reach the ultimate end other than pure personal satisfaction.

like deja vu

The nostalgia of the games that allowed us to unlock skins and other cosmetic items just by playing and not having a bank card in hand is even more present when we go to the store, which is available in addition to the Season Pass, and which offers paintings between two and two. seven euros. It’s not the three cars and the few cosmetics available from the start that make us change our minds, especially for a product offered at €19.99, fortunately available on Gamepass.

like deja vu

A roadbook available in the main menu allows us to see upcoming events. If the announcements are rather given, we hope that the developers will bring new levels, because if the campaign has enough to keep us in suspense for a while, this is not necessarily the case with the multiplayer.

The floor is lava

The best way to quickly level up in the Season Pass, the multiplayer mode allows us to meet other pilots in levels with relatively few challenges. Here there is no ice or too heavy mechanics, the goal is to park in all the available parking spaces before the others and the end of the clock, out of a total of four rounds in the form of a tournament. The challenge is the others and not the card, unlike the campaign.

As it stands, we find it amusing but not enough to hold our attention for hours, blaming the lack of available levels in this game mode and an unattractive Season Pass in the items it offers to unlock. Rocket League won’t.

Around the islands in 80 guns

Graphically, You Suck at Parking is quite nice. We find a colorful and bright side, but the environments are not very varied and turn out to be family entertainment for young and old. The adjustable topview camera also allows you to adjust your preferences by being more or less far from the vehicle. The music is car noise parodies (vroom vroom) and the title of the game is sung for a fun rendition. Everything is in line with the developers’ desire to reach as many people as possible.

Tested on Xbox Series X (optimized).

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