SeLoger launches an immersive real estate travel experience in the metaverse

SeLoger launches an immersive real estate travel experience in the metaverse


This is the first: SeLoger, a benchmark player in the real estate sector, offers to visit an apartment actually put up for sale by the developer Quartus in the metaverse, during private sales of new programs, organized with Veepee.

Because it is often necessary to be imaginative when planning a purchase in the new, SeLoger offers a new experience of visiting that goes beyond the offer of virtual visiting online. Taking over the metaverse also means meeting the needs of 63% of future buyers who are hoping for more digital innovations from real estate agents over the next 5 years.

With the metaverse, SeLoger offers a more immersive, more accessible and more interactive visitor experience.

The metaverse makes the experience even more immersive and accessible. From their mobile or computer, wherever they are, the interested buyer is immersed in a highly qualitative representation of the project and can navigate fluidly and intuitively between the different spaces to discover the property as if it were really there inside it.

Above all, the metaverse makes it possible to make the experience closer to reality by providing interaction with the seller, which is essential for the purchase journey. The buyer can then ask his questions to the estate agent, who can answer them during his visit. The real estate agent, for his part, can provide much more contextual information that would not be noticeable without his presence, and yet is crucial.

“Our proposal is the meeting of two worlds! It is exciting to see how the metaverse, this ever-new, virtual and fictional universe, can illuminate our concrete and daily reality. Visiting a real estate in the metaverse in an interactive and immersive way gives us opportunity to better project ourselves into our daily lives.” explains Virginie Boudet, Vice-President Brand & Communication for SeLoger.

It is during special private sales of new programs, organized by SeLoger and Veepee on September 27th and 28th, that this first immersive visitor experience in the metaverse will be offered.

The apartment can be visited by anyone, at any time, the link is available on request. No prior registration in the metaverse or knowledge of the subject is required. This unprecedented experience is to be lived in the Oncyber universe, a recognized player that has built its reputation in the art sector.

François Faure, Acquisition & Data Strategy Director at Quartus, was enthusiastic about SeLoger’s proposal. “Since the establishment of Quartus, innovation has been at the core of our DNA: dematerialization, online sales, customer experience… The Metaverse is the next step in our approach, which is why we are excited about this partnership with Housing. This new approach adds strong value to our offering by putting the customer at the heart of our relationship, and we look forward to gathering their first feedback in the metaverse.”

If the visit to the metaverse quite obviously addresses a specific need in the new real estate market—helping the would-be buyer imagine a reality that is often still under construction—it could also make it possible to facilitate the visits. well in the old days without having to travel, and even from one country to another.

“Inaugurating this new experience at Oncyber, whose specialty is creating custom venues for the NFT exhibition, opens us up to other ideas for the future. Why not collaborate with artists and organize private tours for both real estate and art exhibitions? That’s the magic of the metaverse , there is still much to imagine!” says Fabien Teichner, founder and creative director of the Interruption agency, behind the project proposed by SeLoger.


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